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  • Anjum Rahmatulla


Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Acute Swollen tonsils are usually associated with fever, malaise and not feeling well brought on by a bacterial or viral infection. This inflammation of the tonsils is called Tonsillitis. Some people are prone to getting swollen tonsils intermittently or more regularly – it is their weak point which means that when their immunity is low, the tonsils get inflamed and infected.

There are many remedies that cover tonsillitis symptoms. Here are 10 homeopathic remedies which can be useful if acute tonsillitis comes on.

Remedies are never prescribed on one symptom alone: you need to have a 3 legged stool, which might consist of a combination of physical symptoms eg sharp needle like throat pain, modalities eg the pain is better for cold water or worse from 4pm onwards and general symptoms that affect the whole body eg sleep/appetite/thirst/energy levels.



Dark redness of tonsils and soft palate. The throat feels constricted making swallowing difficult yet needing to swallow. Can swallow liquids only; solid food gags. The face and tongue are dark, dusky red.

General Symptoms: All discharges (stool, sweat, urine, breath) are offensive. Soreness, achiness of muscles and feeling exhausted. There may be fever and the patient feels drowsy and weak with scattered thoughts.

Modalities: Worse: fresh air


A well known remedy for sudden onset of inflammatory symptoms with throbbing pain, fever with radiating heat. The throat is dry and constricted with swollen red tonsils worse on right side.

Cause: Getting cold.

General Symptoms: No thirst, anxiety or fear.

Modalities: Worse: touch, noise, jarring, swallowing liquids


One of the chilliest remedies in our materia medicas. The throat has splinter like, sharp pains which spread to the ear. The tonsils are swollen and there might be quinsy: an abscess between the tonsils and back of the throat.

Cause: Getting cold

General Symptoms: Oversensitivity to pain and pressure.

Modalities: Worse: night, getting cold, being uncovered. Better: warmth, being well wrapped up, eating


Also a very cold remedy picture with strong smelling discharges.

The tonsils are swollen and ulcerated. The throat pain is splinter-like and raw, spreading to the ear on swallowing.

Cause: Anger towards someone who has offended them.

General Symptoms: Pains appear and disappear quickly. Predisposition to ulcers in mouth/tongue/genitals. Love of fatty, fried food.

Modalities: Worse: cold, night, loss of sleep


The throat is dark red or bluish red and the tonsils are swollen, dark red and painful especially on the right. Shooting pain into ears on swallowing. Cannot swallow anything hot. Throat feels very hot. The uvula is large and swollen. Quinsy.

General Symptoms: The swollen tonsils may be accompanied by swollen glands. Exhaustion and smelly breath.

Modalities: Worse: right side, exposure to damp/wet weather.


Prone to catching colds easily and then always having swollen tonsils which suppurate – with pus. Pains are stinging, smarting, sharp. Pain worse for empty swallowing. Can only swallow liquids, and will gag/choke on solids. Sensation of smoke in the nose.

General Symptoms: Underconfident and shy children. Very sensitive to the cold.

ModalitiesWorse:cold and damp, morning, left side   Better: walking in open air, standing.



This is a well known remedy for children and teething, but it can be used for many other issues as long as the symptoms fit. With tonsillitis, the pain is unendurable and the throat feels constricted as if a plug was in it.

Cause: Anger

General Symptoms: The patient will be restless, agitated, irritable and contrary.

Modalities: Worse: anger, dentition, night, touch, being looked at      Better: being carried, sweating




Symptoms start on the left and can move to the right.  Splinter-like throat pain spreading to ears with a sensation of a lump in the throat. Purple coloured tonsils. Throat feels better for swallowing hard food and worse for swallowing saliva and drinks.

Cause: Suppressing emotional feelings or natural discharges eg a period.

General Symptoms: Feeling worse on waking up in the morning and in Spring-time

Modalities: Worse: tight clothes, menopause, before a period, heat.  Better: fresh air



The windpipe burns. The tonsils are swollen and the uvula is elongated. The voice is hoarse as the larynx is affected.

General Symptoms: Phosphorus has burning pains, wherever in the body it is. They are thirsty for cold drinks/ice lollies and the thirst tends to be unquenchable. Want to be massaged and touched and feel better for being hugged.

Modalities: Worse: evenings (twilight), cold, change of weather.   Better: cold drinks, massage



Tonsils are swollen and inflamed and full of pus. Recurrent tonsillitis. Periodical quinsy.

General Symptoms: Silica types tend to be sweaty, especially the feet. Sweat has a sour smell. They feel the cold intensely too and want to be well wrapped up and warm. Shy and retiring with a stubborn streak.

Modalities: Worse: cold drafts, getting feet wet.  Better: warmth, wrapping up head.

If you are prone to recurrent tonsillitis (irrespective of cause), you can try to match some of the above remedies to your own symptoms to find a good fit. If your symptoms keep coming back, it means the recurrence is deep seated and needs deeper remedies to address the imbalance in your health. Seeing a professional would take the guessing out of finding an appropriate remedy.

If you are bothered by recurrent tonsillitis, consider trying homeopathy to help treat it naturally.

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