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  • Anjum Rahmatulla

CASE STUDY: Natrum-Mur for Menstrual Cramps in a Teenager

A 14 year old girl was brought to see me by her mother for debilitating menstrual cramps, which lasted 2 days from the start of her period. The cramps were accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and trembling all over especially in her legs. She was unable to go to school for those 2 days, and it interfered with her ability to play sport. Her mother was not keen on giving her daughter hormonal medicines from the doctor, and that is why they chose homeopathy.

There are many homeopathic remedies which could be prescribed for menstrual cramps by focussing purely on the pain itself, and these remedies are for acute pain relief. However, if you want more than acute relief, if you want to bring balance back to your monthly cycle and address the cause so that the symptoms do not come back every month, then a full consultation is the route to go. There are many remedies that can help menstrual cramps In order to narrow the choice, one has to look at the bigger picture of the individual including what kind of person they are.

The remedy chosen for this girl is for loners who like their own space. They take their responsibilities seriously and can feel guilty if they can’t do what they feel they should do. They have caring natures, and do not like to hurt others. They tend to be very emotional people, who do not like to display their emotions in public. If upset about something, they will go to their bedroom and grieve silently on their own. These characteristics were reflected in the girl, which is why this remedy was chosen. Natrum-mur was the remedy given to her. The common name for Natrum-mur is sodium chloride or common salt!!

There are many aspects to Natrum-mur, and it is very widely prescribed because of that. It was the nature of the person and how she reacted to specific situations which pointed the way to the prescription.

It took about 2 months for the hormonal cycle to adjust and for improvement to set in. Within 3 months, the nausea had disappeared, and there was a 70% improvement in the pain. She was not missing school anymore and was back to playing sport regularly. It was a huge relief for her and her mother.

Homeopathic help for hormonal problems in women, young or old, can be very effective. Every girl/woman is different, and homeopathy teases out the uniqueness of the individual for a personalised prescription. Because homeopathy works on the physical and emotional level, just like hormones, it is very effective in alleviating distressing symptoms and helping a person feel more like their true self.

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