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  • Anjum Rahmatulla

Potency and Dosage in Homeopathy

This is an important topic, and I am afraid you might find it BORING!!! But you need to know this if you want to prescribe remedies safely at home. If you are unsure about a potency, then ring me up and ask me. And sometimes, in an emergency, you have to use what you have. You may have the right remedy but not the ideal potency. It does not matter. Use what you have.

Going from x to c indicates increasing strength, as does a higher number, so 6c is stronger than 6x, and 30c is stronger than 6c.

1. The potencies:

3x, 6x, 12x: These are low potencies in the decimal range. Commonly called tissue salts or cell salts. They can be used several times a day and over many weeks to build strength at the physiological level i.e. the way body parts function. These tend to be specific for a body part eg teeth.

6c, 12c: These are low potencies in the centesimal range and useful potencies for home prescribing. They can be used for physical issues and even emotional issues. You can repeat this potency frequently as long as the symptom picture fits.

30c: This is a good all rounder potency for physical and emotional issues.

200c: This is useful for an intense emotional level problem for example, shock or weeping or anger. To be used sparingly which means you give one pill and wait and see the reaction. No need to repeat unless the effect wears off quickly.

1M: This is a high potency and is unlikely to be available in a remedy kit. It is not for everyday prescribing, and it is a potency best prescribed by a professional.

2. How do we know which potency to use?

The common potencies (strength) that are available in remedy kits are 30c and 200c, whilst in shops it can be 6c, 12c, 30c. For acute prescribing, we are looking to treat someone for an immediate and usually self limiting condition. We can look at the energy of a person and how intense their situation and response is. The greater the intensity the higher we can go in potency. A 6c or 30c is a good potency to use, and they can be repeated. Refer to no. 3.

3. How often can I take the remedy?

The remedy is a catalyst. It kick-starts the self healing process. Once that happens and you see a response (bruising going down, shock wearing off), you know you are on the right path. I would suggest taking no more than 3 doses (a dose is one pill taken at a specific time). If the situation is very acute, (eg someone in a lot of pain, someone with intense emotion), then you can give the remedy in short intervals, every 15 minutes. Otherwise, a pill every hour or 2 hours is fine. After 3 doses, assess the situation. If it is better, stop dosing. If symptoms return, repeat the remedy. If the remedy stops working, reassess. Another remedy may be required, so observe and rethink. And if there is no change after 3 doses, then stop the remedy and think again.

A little goes a long way in homeopathy! This is one of my favourite phrases.


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