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  • Anjum Rahmatulla

What is the root cause of poor health?

How do you get to the root cause of poor health in homeopathy?

This is an important question and a really interesting question too.

There can be many reasons and many root causes, each specific to the individual.

Do you want to know how I address the root cause or causes?

I will try and keep my explanation simple, but comprehensive!

Here is what I do as a practitioner:

When someone new comes to me for help:

- I spend a lot of time listening to their story: very specifically, their health story. What happened, when did it happen, what was going on in their life at the time it happened.

- I assess the information received and prescribe the closest remedy to the picture of the patient.

- After 4-5 weeks, at a follow-up consultation, I review what has changed/not changed.

- Now there are choices to be made depending on remedy response.

The remedy may well have resolved the issue/s.

If not, then another remedy might be indicated. Or new symptoms have been thrown up which might suggest a maintaining cause/obstacle to cure. There are different methodologies to address these: aetiology of complaint, miasmatic remedies that look to clear inherited tendencies, detox remedies that address effects of medications/vaccines/contraceptives etc (the list is endless).

Over time, and it does take time, there should be a noticeable change in physical symptoms and the mental and emotional state of the person.

The effect of past trauma/medication side effects/ medication damage/hormonal interference/ vaccine damage and much more can be addressed by homeopathy. We have the tools to help.

Over time many root causes can be overcome. Every person is different so every individual will have their own journey to make in increasing their level of health and addressing what is holding their health back.

Do YOU know what is holding your health back?

If you knew that there was help out there to identify the root cause, would you take it?

I hope I have conveyed the message that there is hope for finding root causes of poor health through the use of homeopathy. If you haven't tried it, you should think about it.

You can always have a free 20 minute chat with me if you want to find out more.

Book a free 20 minute introductory call with me

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you have enjoyed it and learned something.

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