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Terms and Conditions

• I intend this consent form to cover the entire course of treatment for my/ my child’s chief health concerns.

• I confirm that I have made this appointment in good faith and that I am aware that I can terminate treatment at any time.

• I understand that while Anjum Rahmatulla will do everything to ensure that I see improvement in the condition for which I have sought treatment for myself or my child, she cannot promise any particular outcome.

• Homeopathy is a holistic and individualized alternative healing modality that addresses symptoms of disease through homeopathic remedies that encourage the body to self-heal.

• I understand that I should remain under the care of an allopathic physician while receiving homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathic remedies can be taken concurrently with allopathic medications. If I am taking prescribed allopathic medications, I will remain under the care of my physician and follow his/her recommendations for medication dosing. I understand that Anjum Rahmatulla does not have the authority to recommend changes in medication dosing. I understand that, during the process of homeopathic treatment, as my symptoms improve, it might become necessary to adjust medication dosing and this can only be done through my prescribing physician.

I give permission for Anjum Rahmatulla to share details of my symptoms with colleagues and/or a supervisor for the purpose of seeking advice and input, should this become necessary.

• I understand the charges are to be paid on presentation of the invoice following the appointment unless specific prior arrangements have been made or there is no charge.

• I understand that I will be charged for any appointment that is missed, cancelled or rescheduled with less than 1 business day notice where charges apply.

• I understand that while every effort is made to use secure online video platforms, absolute privacy cannot be guaranteed.

I consent to Anjum Rahmatulla holding records and personal information/disclosures that include any information I send and any disclosures I make during appointments but such data will be held within the requirements and protection of General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR )


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