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Frequently Asked Questions

What can homeopathy treat?

Since homeopathy treats the whole person, it does not matter what complaint you have. Anyone, from babies to the elderly can use homeopathy and it is very safe.

What happens after taking a remedy?

The process of stimulating your immune system can lead to changes, for example, in your sleep and appetite, or changes in your energy output. Occasionally you can feel more tired or feel worse temporarily, before the beneficial effects begin. I am available for advice/support in between appointments if necessary. There are no side effects as remedies are not pharmaceutical drugs.

How long will the treatment take?

This will depend on the nature of your problem, and how long you have had it for. Long standing problems are likely to take longer than more recent problems.

How long are the consultations?

The first consultation is 2 hours long. This provides an opportunity to explore in detail what has brought you to the homeopathy, and to build up a rounded and accurate picture of you as an individual to enable a good remedy match. Any subsequent meetings are up to an hour long. I will send you a questionnaire by email to fill in before the consultation. This helps me to tailor the consultation to you. 

Do I have to believe in homeopathy for it to work?

No. I have treated sceptics with successful results! Babies, children and animals respond well to homeopathic treatment, and as far as I know, have no “beliefs”!

How often would I need to see a homeopath?

In the beginning, every 4-6 weeks, with the intention to lengthen the gap between appointments as progress takes place. It might be necessary to see a homeopath a few times, particularly for chronic, long term complaints. At follow up appointments, your condition is assessed in detail to evaluate remedy response. You might be prescribed a new remedy, or a repeat of the previous remedy, or be asked to wait if the remedy response is not clear. Waiting between appointments is important to give the mind-body time to respond to the remedy.

What happens if I need to cancel an appointment?

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required otherwise a fee will be charged.

The full fee will be charged for missed appointments.

Is there a separate charge for the remedy?

The U.K. consultation charges include the remedy prescribed for you. Occasionally, if extra remedies or tinctures are needed, then a small charge will be made.

If you live outside the U.K. the remedy is not included in the consultation fee.

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