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  • Anjum Rahmatulla

Increase Wellbeing at Work

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Not everyone can work from home, but if you do, I suspect you will be working from home for a while yet. So, is there anything you can do to make home working easier for yourself and help yourself to increase your mental and physical wellbeing?

Of course what you can or can’t do will depend very much on so many different factors eg, whether you have children, access to outside green space, desk space, location…. The list is very long. But maybe there are things you might not have considered. Maybe, even just one change might make a small but appreciable difference to your working life. So, here are some suggestions:

MOVEMENT: We all know how important exercise is for maintaining both physical and mental wellbeing. Yet, as the days get shorter and nights longer, the time to get out in daylight is severely restricted. Try and schedule a walk/run/jog at lunchtime 3 times a week. Even 15 minutes is a break from your ‘desk’ and computer. If that is not possible, then how about joining an online class in yoga, exercise or dancing? Whatever you choose, it should be something you enjoy doing, so that you can feel the benefit of not sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time. At the very least, you should get up from your computer every hour and move around for 5 minutes to give your muscles a break.

LIGHT: Do you get any natural light where you are working? Can you move your desk/chair/computer to where you can access natural light? Light is essential for our wellbeing, and if we can increase exposure in any way, it is good for us. In addition, improve the lighting in your home with better bulbs/focussed lamps and using mirrors to increase light reflection. Daylight lamps can help a lot if natural light is difficult to access. And last, but not least, clean your windows to get the best out of what is available in the winter months.

PLANTS: Having a plant or more in your work room can be very restful to the eye. You can get plants that help reduce or absorb the radiation emitted from screens/phones/laptops etc, and thereby improve air quality, eg spider plant, peace lily, weeping fig. Find one that is low maintenance, and enjoy the health benefits they can bring.

GET OUTDOORS: Even if it is for a short while, leave your work space and your home, and get out. If you can find someone to chat in the local park, or someone to walk with, that is a bonus. Green spaces are therapeutic, so with luck you may have one near you. Breathe in some fresh air and expand your lungs. Hug a tree if you dare, especially if you have no-one else to hug! And if you are very hardy and live near the sea/loch, get into the water… it is meant to be very good for you!!

VITAMIN D SUPPLEMENTS: In winter, taking Vit D3 is really important, especially if you are darker skinned. It helps to keep your bones and muscles healthy and to regulate your mood. Both of these are important to help keep your wellbeing at work at its highest level.

I am sure there are other things you can do and may already be doing to look after yourself better. Maybe the above suggestions will spark ideas of something you haven’t done before. Good luck!


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