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  • Anjum Rahmatulla


Are you going in for surgery sometime soon? Do you know anyone who might?

Here are a few remedies to bear in mind if you or someone you know is going in for surgery. They will help with accommodating the ‘shock’ to your system as well as with recovery. It would not be unusual to feel anxiety before an operation, however small it might be. And afterwards, there might be pain/discomfort or other reactions which could be eased with the right remedy.

ARNICA: No.1 for shock and bruising from injury. Dental work is a great example of when Arnica is really useful. Drillng, injections, and other dental work can be panic inducing for some people, but also painful with swelling. A dose of Arnica 30c before the work and then a few doses afterwards can help in calming you down, bring the swelling down, and help the bruising to melt away.

HYPERICUM: Great for injury to nerves. If an operation has affected or cut the nerves eg tooth extraction, root canal treatment, abdominal surgery and you have sharp shooting pains, then a few doses of Hypericum 30c will help. You may need Arnica first if there is swelling and bruising, but you can follow that with Hypericum.

BELLIS PERENNIS: After surgery, if Arnica has only gone so far and there is still a deep bruised feeling in the affected area, then Bellis helps. It can be particularly useful if the bump/lump from the accident or surgery still remains.

CALENDULA: This is a skin healing remedy, for areas where there might have been stitches that have not healed. The tincture would be diluted and used topically here, with an important proviso: ensure the area is clean as Calendula acts very quickly to bring the skin together. Do not overdo using the tincture. A little goes a long way.

PHOSPHORUS: For recovering from the after-effects of an anaesthetic. If recovery is slow, a dose or two of Phos 30c will aid a return to feeling more normal.

REMEMBER: if you need advice, you can give me a quick call. I want to encourage you to use remedies safely and appropriately. Call me on 07870 7642833 or email at

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