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  • Anjum Rahmatulla

Persistent and Recurrent Respiratory Tract Infections & Enlarged Tonsils/Adenoids

This is a shortened version of four consultations over a period of one year for a 2 year old girl.

This 2 year old girl was brought to me for:

1.       Mouth breathing

2.       Moderately enlarged tonsils and adenoids diagnosed at 9 months.

3.       Rattling and wheezing in chest even when well.

The mother’s priority were the enlarged tonsils and adenoids.

The girl would get sick with a cold and cough once a month, the cough being constant every day and worse at night. At the time of the consultation, the child had had a cough for 6 months; it would get better and then come back again. She would cough until she almost threw up. It was accompanied by a constant runny nose with thick yellow mucous. The cough was a wet cough with rattling and wheezing during the day.

With a child that young, you cannot ask questions which they can answer. So how does one find a remedy that suits such a young child at a deep level?

Understanding their behaviour and how they respond/react in certain situations is an important way to assess the sort of remedy they might need.

Other additional clues are, for example,

  • if they have particular cravings,

  • whether they are warm or cooler blooded,

  • their fears, what makes them angry and what upsets them.

No two children are the same, even in the same family, so these are important features which a homeopath will try and understand. This understanding will lead to matching a remedy picture with the child’s symptoms; both physical and emotional symptoms or behaviours.

This particular child did get angry and sad when she felt she was not getting enough attention from her mother to whom she was very attached. If the mother couldn’t or was unable to do what she wanted, she would cry so much, her breathing was affected and her lips would turn blue and she would pass out. This is quite unusual behaviour, and it gave an important clue to the remedy chosen for her. There was also a history of minor tics and tremors.

In the year this child has been under my care, she has responded beautifully to the remedy called Moschus. Before taking the remedy, it was a ‘terrible cough’ and a doctor had diagnosed ‘asthma due to colds’. Over a period of 3-4 weeks, the cough slowly improved.

She got another cold and cough for one week, but it went away and ‘didn’t stay for as long’.

The wheezing went away and the rattling went and came back.

And there were no incidents of passing out or blue lips.

The remedy was repeated.

5 months later: “Doing well. Not had any asthma symptoms or deep cough since before the second dose and almost no rattling sound.” She is also “quite easy to handle when she is upset.”

Tonsils and adenoids: “Not been back to the doctor. Sometimes she snores when asleep, so maybe they are still a bit enlarged.” The remedy was repeated in a higher potency.

One year later: The tonsils/adenoids “do not bother her and she breathes through her nose.” “I sometimes hear her snore once or twice a month”. She occasionally has a cough when sick, but it is not once a month and it is not lingering. The tonsils don't seem worrying to mum.

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you found it useful.

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