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  • Anjum Rahmatulla


Have you found that you or a family member gets sick from a change in temperature? For example, getting a cold or other respiratory issues when the weather changes from cold to hot or vice versa? It could be a cold or cough, a sore throat or cystitis, flu or diarrhoea, strains or muscular soreness.

Well, there are remedies that can help!

  1. BRYONIA This is a very good acute remedy when there is a sudden change in weather/temperature which brings on complaints.

For example, travelling to a hot climate for a holiday, moving from air-conditioned rooms to non air-conditioned rooms, morning cold but afternoon hot – these are examples when Bryonia might be useful.

Onset: Complaints come on gradually, 24-48 hours. If there is a sore throat, it will be painful and DRY. There will be increased thirst with a desire for drinking water. Complaints are accompanied by  a headache.

Mental state: grumpy and irritable.

Better: Lying in bed, stillness,           Worse: any movement, 9pm, touch


2. RHUS TOX  Useful for a complaint that comes on after being hot and then bathing in cold water leading to feeling chilled. This could vary from a cold/cough or a strain in the neck, a stiff back, hives or a toothache.

This remedy has lots of restlessness, physical and mental, associated with it – very 3. different from Bryonia. They hate the cold and are sensitive to the damp.

Better: Warmth, heat , moving about.       Worse: cold, damp, change of weather, swimming in cold water.


BELLIS PERENNIS  Complaints due to consuming cold drinks/food when the body is heated. For example, drinking ice cold drinks or eating icecream on a very hot day. A cold wind can also bring about an illness.


4. DULCAMARA   People needing this remedy feel the cold and damp intensely, so a change of weather to cold/damp can be a trigger for complaints such as a cough or flu. This is a remedy to think of in summers which are colder or wetter than normal OR for hot days and cold nights.

This also a remedy to consider for cystitis/UTIs or diarrhoea which comes on after getting cold and wet.

Better: movement             Worse: cold, damp, night

Thanks for reading this blog of mine. I hope you will find it useful.

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