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  • Anjum Rahmatulla


Updated: Oct 13, 2021

In homeopathy, we have 2 major ways of prescribing for problems: acute prescribing and constitutional prescribing. My last blog was on the latter. This blog is about ACUTE prescribing. I am keeping it simple and short.

Acute prescribing is used when someone needs immediate quick attention for a sudden or very recent event. Some examples are:

- A fall leading to a broken bone.

- Developing a sore throat/cold/ear infection after exposure to very cold weather.

- Travel sickness.

- Food poisoning.

- Shock

Some principles of Acute Prescribing: This is a brief description of HOW to go about collecting symptoms. Find out

  1. What is the main complaint?

  2. Has anything changed from 'normal'? For example, the patient might have lost their appetite or developed a rash or become very irritable.

  3. What helps the patient to feel better in their complaint as well as in themselves?.

  4. What makes the patient feel worse?

  5. How is the patient feeling? This is to ascertain their mental or emotional state.

Always try and have at least 3 symptoms, in order to have a 3 legged 'stool' which is stable and won't fall down. Try and find symptoms that are NOT common, as that will help to differentiate remedies.

Acute case taking is focussed on a very small picture in the here and now. It does not take into account things like a detailed medical history/ family history/ personality and much more. For more information on constitutional prescribing, look here:

There are many homeopathic remedies that act fast and effectively for immediate relief in acute situations. Arnica is the best known of all. It was Arnica that helped me after a car accident to regain strength in my gums and teeth. My dentist was amazed at the difference in my teeth 6 months after my gums and teeth were damaged. It probably makes Arnica my favourite acute remedy.

A suggestion: Buy a remedy kit for your home. If you have young children, it is invaluable. I used my kit all the time when my kids were growing up. Many homeopathic pharmacies sell them: Freemans, Ainsworths, Helios are a few.

So where do you go if you do not have a remedy kit at home? Where do you go if you do not know in which circumstances you can treat someone for an acute? Where do you go to find an acute remedy? I offer a 30 minute acute consultation here for UK clients

And here for International clients

If you want a safe, natural and effective way of treating acute problems, give homeopathy a try. And in the meantime, I am going to work on a blog specifically on a first aid homeopathy kit, and how you can use it.


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