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  • Anjum Rahmatulla


We all want to be the best we can be, don't we?

I certainly do. I want to have energy to do the things I love to do. I want to stay healthy, sleep well, eat well but wisely, be kind and compassionate, and work to the best of my ability. However, life doesn't work that way a lot of the time. Stress, emotional upsets, disagreements, accidents/injuries and susceptibility come in the way and take us off track.

Our immunity slips down a notch or two or more.

Homeopaths use 'immunity' in a very broad fashion. The word we like to use is susceptibility. To give an example, your throat/tonsil area could be weak, and you could be prone to tonsillitis. You have susceptibility there, so that when your immunity slips, that is where your body will start to fray and bother you. The chances are you will get tonsillitis when you are susceptible, when your resilience is not great, when your immunity is low. It could be a regular occurrence or once every so often.

Think of us humans as having a fault line running through us, a weakness. This fault line weakens when under strain/stress. In order to bring back health/resilience/immunity/strength.... (use whichever word you feel comfortable with), we use remedies. If your weak point is the tonsil area, finding a remedy for treating only the tonsils will not stop it coming back. The aim of constitutional homeopathy

is to make you stronger within yourself, so that the fault line becomes less weak, less susceptible. When that happens, you will find that the tendency for recurring tonsillitis will be less apparent. Not only that, but many other things will also improve, eg sleep, energy levels, concentration levels, and possibly other things on the physical and emotional level. The constitutional remedy is for the WHOLE of you. When you become stronger, so does your health.

I can't recommend constitutional homeopathy enough. Homeopathy is wonderful for acute problems, but it is amazing for being the best you can be: mentally, emotionally and physically.


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