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  • Anjum Rahmatulla


Updated: Feb 19, 2021


Imagine a fault line running through all of us. This is what we have inherited in terms of our strengths, and weaknesses, physical, mental and emotional. When we are stressed, this fault line begins to strain and separate, our constitution weakens and we become ill. With homeopathic help, the fault line is brought together again. It never goes away, but it becomes less susceptible to what presses our buttons.

And everyone is different. What irritates me, is not the same as what might irritate you. What stresses me, is not the same as what stresses you. In the same family, you will find a child with a weak chest who is prone to colds and coughs. This child’s brother or sister could easily be different and be more prone to headaches and digestive problems. Everyone is different, even if they share similar genes.

A homeopath will always try and find what makes you unique. This is what helps to find a remedy that suits you as a person. Imagine a room full of people with a particular condition, say joint problems or chesty problems. The chances of them getting the same remedy is close to zero. Each person will get a remedy that suits their personality. The homeopath puts together a picture of each individual that is a mixture of their physical make-up and their mental and emotional make-up. To me it is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Once enough pieces are in, a picture of the remedy needed becomes clear, and a prescription is made.

To be continued……

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