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  • Anjum Rahmatulla

ABC of Winter Health

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

If you have never had the opportunity to use homeopathic remedies before, my usual recommendation is to start with Arnica. However, on this occasion, I am going to suggest another remedy, starting with A as it happens, and then follow it with a remedy starting with B and then C. This is a trio of remedies called the ABC remedies. If you are familiar with homeopathy, then you might know these remedies for being useful for occasions when you start to feel feverish and unwell. If you are unfamiliar with homeopathy, then have a read, and if it does not make sense, get in touch with me.

Under USE, you will find in what sort of situations to use the remedy. There is also information on what makes the patient feel better or worse, and this helps to differentiate between remedies. Aconite, Belladonna, Chamomilla. All 3 remedies are from the plant kingdom.


The whole plant, apart from the root, is used to make the remedy Aconite.

USE: This is a useful remedy in the first 24-36 hours of exposure to a dry, cold wind which results in getting a chill, fever, sore throat, cough. So, we are looking at a quick onset, rather than something that develops over 3-4/5 days.

Cough: This is probably the first remedy to consider giving for a croupy cough especially if it starts around or just before midnight. The cough will be dry, hoarse or barky. You will see a lot of restlessness in the patient, who tosses and turns and might be delirious with the fever. They will be sensitive to pain eg if there is pain in the throat or ears, and could be quite fearful and scared.

Cold: The cold comes on suddenly after getting chilled or exposed to a cold dry wind. There will be shivering, fever, dry throat, possibly accompanied by a throbbing, unbearable headache.

Cystitis: from getting chilled.

All conditions will feel worse in the evening and night, and worse for being touched.

All conditions will feel better for fresh air


Atropa Belladonna is the plant that gives us the remedy Belladonna, which is made from the whole plant.

USE: A quick onset of symptoms could indicate Belladonna if there is inflammation in one part of the body and the radiation of lots of heat. The complaints might have been triggered by getting one’s head wet or a cold, dry wind. Pain tends to be violent and throbbing, burning, stinging. There is great sensitivity to noise and light. The face is red and flushed, and you will see a lot of restlessness.

Throat: The patient will have swollen glands, tender to touch, and the throat will feel constricted, raw and burning. Pains will be worse on the right side.

Fever: This will be dry and burning, with no sweat alternating with chills. There will be radiating heat from the patient whose eyes will look bright and glassy, and the mouth dry and burning with no thirst. They will look agitated.

Teething: Cheeks are red and swollen, pains can come and go quickly.

All conditions will feel worse on the right side, for jarring movement, from 3pm onwards.

All conditions will feel better for lying down semi erect and in a dark room.


The homeopathic remedy Chamomilla is made from the whole plant.

USE: Oversensitive and angry is the state when a person might need Chamomilla. This is a remedy well known for helping with teething problems. Those needing it do not bear pain with any patience. Children can be contrary, so that whatever you do, they will be unhappy and they will show it! Babies want to be carried all the time, otherwise they will scream.

Teething: The pain of teething will lead to the baby screaming and throwing things in anger, possibly hitting and kicking. You will see one red hot cheek or with a red patch and the other pale and cold.

Earache: Pains are unbearable, but not as sudden as Belladonna.

Diarrhoea: Stools are greenish, hot, smelly and associated with teething.

All conditions are worse in the evening/night before midnight, heat of bed.

All conditions are better for sweating

Please share this information with someone who would be interested or book a 20 minute chat with me if you are interested in Homeopathy.


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