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  • Anjum Rahmatulla


A 13 year old boy, B, came to me with a distressing problem: blood, mucous and slimy stuff in his stool. It had been going on for a year by the time he came to see me. He had been given ALL the tests available at the time, and finally it was suggested that there was a connection between his bowels and dairy products. Before he came to see me, B had already given up dairy, and that had certainly helped. But he was still passing blood and slime. He also suffered from hayfever and had an allergy to cats.

A detailed history was taken: medical history, family medical history, his sleep pattern, food like/dislikes, weather preferences, thirst, morning/night person, and a personality profile. This is the backbone of a homeopathic consultation, and the same questions are asked of anyone who comes for a consultation.

The remedy given was Phosphorus, which is an element, essential to life and widely found in nature.

One of the outstanding characteristics of the remedy Phos (as most homeopaths call it) is a tendency to haemorrhage or bleed profusely. B had a history of horrendous nose bleeds, despite cauterisation of his nose. Now, he was also losing blood in his stools. This was noteworthy.

B also had a history of respiratory problems: colds, coughs and chest infections. Phosphorus has an affinity for the lungs and respiratory tract.

The boy showed an extrovert personality. He loved being with his friends, hated feeling lonely, and had a tendency to burn out after intense bouts of socialising and over-excitement. This is very similar to a Phosphorus personality. His sociable nature, his sensitivity to the suffering of others, his fear of the dark and of thunderstorms, all pointed to Phos as well.

After taking the remedy as prescribed, there was a slight worsening of his symptoms, which can happen with stimulating the vital force. But very gradually, over a period of 2 months, his symptoms abated. Every time he had dairy, they would come back, but for 2-3 days, not 7-8 days as before.

His allergy to cats was better too.

So Phos was repeated after the first month. After 2 months

- his nose bleeds were so much better, he was having them once every 2 months or so.

- he had a very minimal reaction to cheese or icecream: no blood, only tiny bits of slime.

- Before his remedy, his cat allergy when he picked up cats resulted in itchy eyes and intense sneezing. Now, after homeopathy he had a slightly blocked nose only.

He had a third dose of Phos……. And 6 years later, all is well!

Homeopathy provides a safe and effective alternative to steroid and anti-biotic treatment for allergies, respiratory issues and inflammatory bowel disease. This was backed up by a large study at the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital over 6 years. The largest positive health change was seen in children:

If you have any questions about how homeopathy can help you or your children, I offer a free 20 minute zoom chat. Appointments are available here


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