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  • Anjum Rahmatulla

Enlarged Adenoids

Adenoids are located at the back of the nasal cavity, and so are very difficult to see unlike tonsils. They are also very close to the opening of the Eustachian Tubes so if the adenoids are swollen, that can lead to otitis media or middle ear infections.

Having swollen adenoids can lead to the following :

-          Nasal congestion

-          Ear infections

-          Snoring

-          Mouth breathing

-          Dryness in mouth and throat

-          Sounding as if you have a blocked nose when talking

There are over 30 remedies listed in my repertory for swollen adenoids, so a choice has to be made on factors additional to that symptom alone. In homeopathy, it is very rare to prescribe on one symptom only.

I have chosen a few remedies from the list of 30 plus remedies. These are remedies with a predisposition for swollen adenoids; where swollen adenoids are a significant part of the overall picture. These remedies can be used acutely or for a more nuanced holistic picture of a person suffering from this condition.

We NEVER prescribe for a condition in homeopathy, but for the person behind that label.


1.       BARYTA CARB: Those needing this remedy take colds easily and often and have swollen tonsils and/or adenoids. Frequent nose bleeds. Discharge of thick, yellow mucous. Inability to swallow anything other than liquids.

General Symptoms: Underconfident and shy children. Very sensitive to the cold. Low energy. Sweaty feet. Children cannot remember and learn in school.

ModalitiesWorse: cold and damp, morning, left side   Better: walking in open air, standing


2.       CALC-IOD: This remedy is known for it’s affinity with glands including tonsils and adenoids. The enlarged tonsils are filled with crypts. There can be polyps in the nose/ear.

Prone to colds with secretions that are profuse and yellow.

General Symptoms: Easy perspiration.


3.       AGRAPHIS NUTANS: This is a very small remedy. The nostrils are obstructed  especially from adenoids which interferes with breathing. Catarrh. Adenoids and tonsils enlarged. Throat and ears are affected. Hearing impaired due to enlarged adenoids.

Frequently accompanies dentition.

An unusual aspect of this remedy is: Mutism of childhood unconnected with deafness.

Worse: cold wind.     Better: being sheltered.


4.       TUBERCULINUM: This is a nosode which is an essential part of any self-respecting homeopath’s kit for upper respiratory tract infections. This remedy is best prescribed by a professional homeopath. It is often given when well selected remedies fail to move ENT symptoms along sufficiently. Recurrent infections often call for this remedy to be prescribed when the symptoms fit.

Enlarged tonsils and/or adenoids. A history of relapsing infections. Very sensitive to the cold.

Generals: Fear of dogs. Desires cold milk.

Worse: early morning.


OTHER REMEDIES: There are remedies from 2 families that are worth looking at for adenoids:

The Calcarea family such as Calc-fluor, Calc-phos, Calc-sil; and

the Mercurius family such as Merc-dulcis, Merc-i-r and Merc-i-f.

There is more on swollen tonsils and tonsillitis here:

Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope you have found it useful.


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