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A Pain in the Ears...oh no!!

Ear infections are very common in children, not so much in adults. The main infection that seems to come up again and again is acute Otitis Media, or Middle Ear infection. This occurs when fluid is trapped behind the ear drum leading to swelling and pain.

Otitis Media with Effusion (glue ear)is a build up of fluid behind the ear drum, and is not an infection, but can lead to hearing loss.

Here, I will be talking mainly about Middle Ear Infection in the acute context. I will suggest some remedies that can be helpful in resolving the pain, swelling and fever.

Symptoms for Acute Otitis Media include:

-          Pain in the ear

-          Swelling of the ear

-          Pulling of the ear in babies and toddlers

-          Crying with pain

-          Fever, sometimes high

-          A cold or cough

-          Discharge from ear which could be pus

-          Difficulty feeding

-          Loss of appetite

There are scientific studies that show that homeopathy has treated acute otitis media successfully. (References below). In the studies I have read, single individualised remedies were used successfully, and if the first remedy did not help, it was discontinued and another remedy chosen.


ACONITE: When illness strikes SUDDENLY after exposure to a cold, dry wind or after a fright, think Aconite. This remedy is useful only in the first 24-36 hours of symptoms appearing.

Pains are unbearable and will usually be accompanied by a fever. The external ear will be hot and red, painful and swollen. You will see restlessness in the patient along with fear and anxiety. They do not want to be touched. They will be thirsty.

If there is fever, the face will be flushed with one cheek red and the other pale. The skin will be burning and dry at night.

Worse: at evening/night, touch, music

Better: fresh air

BELLADONNA: Another remedy, like Aconite, where symptoms appear suddenly. One part of the body becomes inflamed, usually around the head and neck. The face and skin will be hot and red, eyes protruding/staring, dry mouth and throat and thirstlessness.

Ear pain is likely to be right sided or worse on the right side. The pain will radiate out to the neck and the blood vessels can be seen throbbing in the neck. The patient will be agitated and restless and possibly delirious. Noises may be heard in the ear., including own voice.

The parotid glands may be swollen.

Worse: noise, light, right side, touch, jarring, 3am and 3 pm, getting head wet.


CHAMOMILLA: A very useful remedy for pain in the ear. Chamomilla is usually prescribed on the basis of the patient’s mental/emotional state. Anger or teething can be the cause of bringing ear problems on.

The pains are unbearable, and the patient is inconsolable. Restlessness, impatience and being contrary are hallmarks of this remedy. Babies/toddlers want to be carried and the pain can make them angry. There may be fever with sweating.

Worse: heat, being chilled, anger, night

Better: being carried

PULSATILLA: Those needing Pulsatilla are clingy and whiny. They also want to be carried when unwell, but do not have the anger and contrariness of Chamomilla. They are thirstless with dry mouth and lips. The symptoms will be changeable, and they will feel chilly. Right side tends to be affected more.


The external ear will be red and swollen.  Hearing will be poor. Discharge will be thick, yellow/yellow-green and bland with an offensive smell. If the pain is described, it will be a pain that is pressing outwards.

Worse: right side, stuffy room, getting feet wet, twilight, heat

Better: open air, cold food and drinks

MERCURIUS: ‘Smelly’ is what you think of when thinking of Mercurius. All discharges eg breath, sweat, stool, catarrh smell offensive. There is a tendency for pus formation, colour greenish, streaked with blood.

When ill and feverish, they will sweat and salivate profusely. There will be chills alternating with feeling hot. The ears will hurt at night and are worse when in bed. If the ear drum perforates, the discharge will be thick, yellow-green, bloody and smelly. Great thirst, while the taste in the mouth is metallic.

Worse: night, heat and cold, sweating, lying on the right.


There are many other possible remedies for earache and infections. For a chronic ‘glue ear’ where hearing has been affected, consider using the tissue salt:

KALI-MUR 6X over a period of months to help get rid of the congestion in the middle ear which can lead to hearing loss.

For information on potency and dosage, have a look here:

Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope it is useful. Please feel free to pass it on to anyone who might find it useful. Thank you.




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