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  • Anjum Rahmatulla

DRY COUGH – 5 Favourite Remedies


The Spongia cough is dry, barking, tickling and rasping. Spongia is one of the main remedies for croup along with Aconite and Hepar-sulph.

The air passages are dry with little or no mucous in the chest. Breathing can be difficult, voice is hoarse and the chest will feel sore/bruised.

The cough will sound like a saw being used on wood. It will feel like breathing through a dry sponge.

Worse: excitement, eating sweets, talking, around midnight.

Better: eating or drinking warm food/drinks


The cause for a Bryonia cough will be getting chilled after overheating eg. a hot day followed by a cold night. A headache may well accompany the cough. There will be increased thirst.

There is no mucous but there will be a headache or pain in the chest on coughing with a need to hold the chest.

The cough will be irritating and spasmodic and can cause vomiting.

Worse: 9pm, entering a warm room, deep breathing, lying in bed, movement.

Better: pressure, lying still


The cough is dry and spasmodic, barking, whooping in violent fits with a feeling of suffocation. There is tickling in the throat, breathing becomes difficult because the cough does not stop. This can lead to retching and vomiting and a bluish face or a nose bleed.

The cough is loose in the morning but dries up as evening approaches.

Worse: lying down, night, laughing, singing

Better: holding chest


The patient needing Kali-carb will be irritable and touchy. Their eyes will look puffy. The right side of the chest may be affected more.

This is a dry hard cough starting about 3am with chest pains that are cutting and stitching.

The phlegm will be scanty, tenacious/sticky and difficult to bring up.

The cough is dry, violent, wakes person at night.

Worse: night around 3am, getting cold, lying down.

Better: sitting up and leaning forward, warmth.


The cough is preceded by a tickle and is very sensitive to cold air. So much so that there will be a need to cover the mouth and nose to avoid breathing in cold air.

The cough is irritating, constant, hoarse, barking, teasing. The chest will feel sore and bruised.

Expectoration will be minimal but can turn sticky and tough. The throat and larynx will feel raw.

The left side of the sternum and chest will be painful.

Worse: change of temperatures, inhaling cold air, 5am, talking, lying down

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