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I was chatting to a friend recently, and she told me that people in general do not know anything about homeopathy. In fact, some think that homeopathy is so on the fringe, that homeopaths are labelled as being quacks!!!! So folks, this is an attempt to de-mystify what is a much maligned medicinal and therapeutic tool.

So, where should I start? Perhaps a good place to start is with myself. I grew up being treated by antibiotics for everything. My family never even mentioned homeopathy even though it was available easily. We had a family doc who dosed us with pharmaceuticals at every opportunity. The turning point came when I had a car accident, and damaged my upper jaw and gum. My dentist was very gloomy about the long term prospects of my teeth. I was away in India when I was given a homeopathic remedy by my father-in-law, an amateur homeopath, some 2 months after the accident. A remedy is what homeopathic medicines are called. When I returned to the UK, my dentist was flabbergasted by how much stronger my teeth and gums had become. My interest was piqued. Could homeopathy have been the reason? The seed of homeopathy was now planted in my mind, but it would take a while before anything came of it.

When expecting my first child, there was a homeopath in my exercise group, who talked about homeopathy and how everyone has an underlying weakness, and it is this weakness that has a lot to do with how we become ill. It took a while for this idea to sink in, but it is a really important aspect of homeopathy.

There are always bacteria and viruses around, but not all of us fall ill because of them. We will fall ill when our ability to fend off the bacteria/virus is limited or weakened. If we strengthen that weakness, then it will help us to fight off the bacteria. That is what homeopathy does. It helps the individual to become stronger in themselves, so they can put up a vigorous defence against the causes of illness or disease. With this approach, there is less need to use antibiotics to kill bacteria because our own fighting and healing abilities are enhanced.

To be continued…..

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