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  • Anjum Rahmatulla

Homeopathy for Chickenpox


Chickenpox is a common childhood complaint that we homeopaths come across often. I am writing about a very recent case of mine, a baby of 9 months who contracted chickenpox, was very unwell and uncomfortable, and his mother asked for help.


He had a really high temperature last night and was very unsettled. I noticed lots of spots around his mouth and under his chin this morning first thing. I have spoken to a doc who confirmed from pictures it was chicken pox. He has been sleeping most of the day. Since this morning I have noticed the spots all over his body. Particularly bad under his chin, on his hands and wrists and on his heels/ankles. Has a few spots on his back and tummy and legs and arms. Also looks like he has scratched one and knocked the top off it on his head.

When he is awake he is constantly whimpering and when I put him down in his cot he instantly starts itching and rubbing his face into his mattress. He has had a bath and was given calamine cream from the chemist. He has had his antihistamine which hasn’t helped the itch."

"He has been held all day but is very hot. He just itches and whimpers as soon as he is put down. He whimpers even when on me until he falls asleep. But as soon as he is awake he is whimpering again.”

The pictures sent to me showed the skin looking very red, raw and blotchy. The face was very itchy as well. The rash had spread to the genital area as well by the next day. The skin was raw on the hands, heels and under the chin. He was hot to touch, but not sweaty. He had been given a warm bath which he did not object to, which normally he would love.


Remedy given: Rhus-tox 30c, 2 doses


“He is well and truly on the mend. He was back to his smiley self by Friday and spots are all dried out now. Thank you for the remedy”


This remedy has an affinity with the skin: the face, scalp and genitals. The patient is very restless with lots of tossing and turning at night. With chickenpox, the rash is very itchy. It was one of 2 remedies that came up strongly with my repertorisation, and it matched symptoms better than the other remedy.

I was very pleased with the remedy response.

I feel so grateful that we have remedies that can help quickly in acute situations and relieve pain and discomfort and bring the patient back to their happy state of being.

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