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In this blog, I am hoping that

1. You get a feel for the way a homeopath works – well, the way I work! Sometimes the first remedy has to be followed by other remedies and this is shown here.

2. You get some information about the remedy Lachesis through a real 'story' based on one of my clients.

3. Your awareness is raised about how homeopathy can help with women’s health issues.

PRE MENSTRUAL SYNDROME – One woman’s story

Here is a case of mine about a woman, P, in her mid 40s who was suffering severe pre-menstrual issues. Her symptoms were quite extreme and started about 10 days before her period. Her symptoms had been with her for some time, so she was needing constitutional help with homeopathy.

P was very tearful, felt extreme exhaustion, tender breasts, puffy face and retention of fluids.

8 days before the start of her periods she got extreme mood swings. Her own words were “I am unliveable with”. She described how she would be verbally nasty and shout at her children and partner. Occasionally, she also had outbursts of anger which resulted in violence!

The irritability level would go down the closer she got to her periods. The first day of her period was when her spirits started to lift.

P had heavy periods with clots and bloatedness – which started when she was sterilised.

Temperamentally, she liked to have things her own way. She was very efficient, and planned things well in advance. She had a very strong sex drive which disappeared in the days leading up to her period. She did not like being touched by her man.

REMEDY: I first gave her Sepia as I strongly felt an animal remedy was needed. She did well on it, but her symptoms came back. When she came back for her follow-up appointment, I thought she might need another animal remedy.


The remedy Lachesis is made from the poison of the Bushmaster snake and was proved by Hering in Brazil.

In Lachesis, we find:

- Discharges ameliorate, physical or mental

- Violent outbursts, especially verbal, which are difficult to control or stop.

- Touchy people who become jealous easily.

- Witty chatterboxes

- Intensity, passion and strong opinions

- Strong sex drive

- Left sided complaints, or symptoms moving from left to right

- Tendency to bleed heavily

- Aversion to heat & to wearing anything around the neck

- Great sensitivity to touch

- Affinity with the throat, menses, hormones and menopause – used very effectively for many female issues if the symptoms fit.

P was given Lachesis as her physical and emotional picture matched the picture of Lachesis in our materia medicas. It made a huge difference to her PMS and heavy periods and I did not need to prescribe again for her.

If you have enjoyed reading this blog, please feel free to pass it on to someone who might benefit from it.

You are also welcome to chat to me if you have any specific health concerns that you would like to get help for. I offer a free 20 minute chat on zoom at your convenience. You can book the chat here:

Thank you for reading!

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