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  • Anjum Rahmatulla

What Happens After the First Consultation?

I am often asked by clients:

How can you make sense of everything I have just told you’? Let me tell you what happens after the consultation is completed:

  • I study the notes I have made – in detail.

  • I take time to listen to the language used by the client. This helps me to finetune the selection of the remedy.

  • I use several Materia Medicas to check on what I think are important physical or mental/ emotional symptoms. Often, there are a few potential remedies I look at.

  • Then I need to decide on one remedy, so again I look at several books, cross referencing and checking.

Once the remedy selection is made, the remedy is posted out with instructions, or an email prescription is sent. A follow-up consultation is recommended 4-6 weeks after the client takes the remedy. I usually prescribe one remedy at a time as I am a classical homeopath.

Why is waiting important?

It takes time for the remedy to act on the human organism and for change to take place, so it is wise to wait before doing a full assessment. The reaction to a remedy can take time, and everyone is different.

When symptoms change, it is important to track the change. Quite often, when people return for a follow-up consultation and are asked

Have there been any changes?’,

it is not unusual for them to say, no, no changes have taken place. On closer questioning, change is very evident, but because it is subtle and gradual, it isn’t noticed.

I use the follow-up to question closely and assess what has happened. This often gives clues to the next remedy needed.

All consultations, whether full or follow-up consultations follow the above pattern. The aim is to lengthen the gaps between consultations, depending on the client’s needs.

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