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  • Anjum Rahmatulla


Being a homeopath means that it is easy to treat yourself – right?

I have been pondering that question because right from Day 1 of training, it was drilled into us that finding an acute remedy for yourself is one thing – but treating yourself constitutionally is quite another. You have to be the unprejudiced observer. No ifs, no buts..

An acute situation is one where the problem is self limiting (colds/coughs/food poisoning). When I look for an acute remedy (usually for others), the focus is a narrow one: What is the main complaint, how did it start, how did it progress, what makes it better/worse, was there a trigger… essentially, what has changed from normal. And I do find remedies for myself in such a situation. Sometimes I get help from a homeopath friend if it is not obvious.

If you want to know more about acute prescribing, look here:

Constitutional prescribing, also known as chronic prescribing, is looking at a BIG picture. Medical history, family medical history, the nature of who you are, what makes you happy/sad/angry/stressed etc, your physical characteristics. There is a lot of information that is collected when a homeopath takes someone’s case. Homeopaths receive training on what can safely be left out and what should be included in our analysis of symptoms.

More on constitutional prescribing here:

The key question then is: what do we leave out of the equation when we treat ourselves for a chronic problem?

Photo of a lit match by Yaoqi on Unsplash

We would all love to be a Phosphorus (bearer of light) wouldn’t we? Fun loving, empathetic, full of energy, extrovert, expressive…..What about

Sepia? Indifferent to family, easily offended, intolerant of contradiction, aversion to husband…Or

Lachesis: Talkative, jealous, suspicious, intense, witty…..

Photo of cuttlefish by Francis Nie on Unsplash. The remedy Sepia is made from the ink of the cuttlefish.

You will observe that I have picked on the personality type of these remedies. The choice of a constitutional remedy will be a combination of physical and mental/emotional symptoms, and what is characteristic of the person. Sometimes finding that characteristic is difficult. When you try and do it for yourself, it is even more difficult because how easy is it to be objective about yourself? Can we be objective about ourselves when it really matters?

Objectivity is fundamental to a good chronic prescription. That is why I need a homeopath to look after me, because I cannot guarantee to be objective about myself.

Do you need the objective lens of a homeopath? Book a free chat here:

I also think the process is important. The process of talking, of revealing yourself to another person, of trusting that they will see something that you may not see.

My final thought is that there are many strands to prescribing, many ways of ‘seeing’ the case. My way is not the only way. Somebody else will see me through their lens and evaluate my symptoms in their way. That is their job.

And there are MANY ways to prescribe:

Miasmatic prescribing, Organ remedies, Sensation method, Layers, Polypharmacy, Therapeutics to name a few.

And, yes, OFCOURSE I have tried to find a remedy for myself for chronic problems

Every homeopath does!! And usually fails! Honesty bids me say that I failed too!!

I was so sure I was a Silica once (amongst other remedies). When I was a student, every time I learned a new remedy, I thought: this is me, this is my remedy!!! Except, that I did it so many times, that eventually I realised that it is not that easy! Did I really need ALL those remedies, and was I REALLY looking at the big picture?

Do you want a homeopath to look at the BIG picture for you? Book your appointment here:

In conclusion, I would say:

I am not objective about myself. I can’t always see my strengths and weaknesses. Being the unprejudiced observer of myself is a tall ask. I am not immune from having prejudices against certain remedies…. I don’t like some aspects of specific remedies!!(Sshhh, don't say it out loud, PLEASE). But realistically, all remedies have their positives and negatives - just like me and you. We are all human, and none of us are perfect!!

And we are all striving to be the best that we can be. A good homeopath and a good remedy helps us to do just that. And that is why I see a homeopath – regularly.

It is that simple.

Please share with friends if what you have read makes sense. Thank you!

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