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What I did to Treat an Acute Infection

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Here is the story of a child I recently treated for an injury. I hope it will give you an idea of how an acute situation can be successfully resolved with the right remedies.

A 5 year old child stepped on something outdoors whilst barefoot. The area was cleaned well. A few days later, a tiny spot of blood appeared under the skin. Mother tried to see if there was something stuck under the skin, and some blood came out. The child continued to run around barefoot with a plaster on, but a week later, was complaining of pain whilst walking.

I was contacted 7 days after the initial injury The heel area of the foot where the injury had taken place looked a little red/purply blue, and the pain was described as occurring only when the child was walking.

The first remedy that came to mind was Ledum which is used when the skin is punctured by anything sharp or pointed. That can be a nail, knife or even an insect sting/bite. Ledum can prevent sepsis in the injured area so is a great first aid remedy. The child was given Ledum 200c, 2 doses, one at night and one the next morning.

The next morning, the redness had gone down a little and the skin was not as bluish as the previous day. The pain was described as stabbing, and the foot still hurt whilst walking on it. At this point, I suggested Hypericum, another first aid remedy for injuries in a nerve rich area of the body. By the evening, there had not been much change, so 2 remedies came to mind: Silica and Hepar sulph.

Mother was convinced there was something under the skin which needed to come out. I agreed with her. The injured area was swollen and looked as if there was pus in it.

Silica is really useful for drawing things out/dissolving what cannot come out. Hepar Sulph is good for wounds with inflammation that are sensitive to touch, and slow to heal. I decided to combine both remedies in a 30c in water and suggested the child sipped this every 15-30 minutes that evening.

The next day, the heel area was much better. The swelling was down and looked much less angry. There was still pain on walking.

I now suggested Silica 200c in water to be sipped through the day, once an hour, as I wanted the offending ’object’ to be dislodged/dissolved. The next day, the inflammation site had become smaller and fainter, so the Silica in water was continued.

In under 4 days, the infection, inflammation, pus, swelling had all cleared up. The remedies had done a great job to push the infection out and speed up healing. It took a little longer for the site to look normal and for the new skin to grow back.

Mother was delighted. " I think you have done an amazing job to help the body to heal itself".

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you find it useful.

If you know anyone who would be interested in reading it, please feel free to pass the link on. Thank you.

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