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It is normal to have wobbly or loose teeth when one is losing baby teeth – but when we start getting wobbly teeth as adults, it is panic inducing!!!!

But help is available with homeopathy. Before giving some remedy suggestions I want to say that there are MANY causes to teeth becoming loose. That means there are MANY remedies that can potentially help.

So what can you do if you have teeth loose in your mouth?

Firstly, think about WHY this might have happened.

There are many causes of loose teeth. Teeth do not exist in a vacuum from the rest of the body.

- Stress, trauma, emotional distress can affect our teeth as well as other parts of our bodymind as well as physical factors.

- Injury to a tooth can chip or crack a tooth, or damage the gum which can lead to loosening teeth.

- Gum disease is a major culprit in the loosening of teeth, along with poor dental hygiene, so if you have plaque and tartar, think seriously about addressing those.

- Teeth grinding can damage teeth, bone and soft tissue, thus moving the ground in which teeth are embedded.

- Smoking may well be another cause. If you smoke, can you reduce or even give up?

- Weakening of bone tissue may happen because of pregnancy/breastfeeding or systemic disease eg diabetes or auto-immune issues.

- Last, but not least, diet can be important, and the thing is that different diets suit different people. You might need to experiment to see what suits you and helps you physically.

Establishing the cause is an important aspect of remedy choice. Homeopathy can potentially help if, for example, there has been an injury to a tooth or your immunity is low or you are mineral deficient because of breast feeding. You may not be able to take stress out of your life, but homeopathy can help you to deal with it more effectively.

So have a look at the remedies below in the context of the person behind the label of "loose teeth".


1. CARBO-VEG: This is a good remedy for someone recovering from a long standing illness or loss of fluids OR someone never fully recovered from the effects of a previous illness.

Teeth: Gums bleed on brushing teeth. Gums are retracted. Teeth sensitive to chewing food. Gums black. Smelly breath. Profuse and constant salivation of stringy saliva.

Worse: being overheated, humidity

Better: being fanned

2. CAUSTICUM: For people of a rheumatic, arthritic disposition prone to paralysis.

Gums bleed easily. Spongy, receding gums. Teeth feel loose and elongated. Teeth very painful and feel as if pushed out of their sockets. Paralysis of tongue.

Pains are burning and raw.

Worse: coffee, cold

Better: heat

3. MERCURIUS (Merc-sol or Viv): Someone needing this remedy will feel worse for both cold and heat. Merc patients are smelly, so all their discharges will have a strong odour. Excessive salivation at night along with an intense thirst. Night time makes everything worse. Prone to abscesses.

Gums are spongy, recede and bleed easily.

Decay in crown of teeth. Inflammation of roots of teeth which ulcerate and fall out. Teeth are loose, feel tender and elongated.

Breath is very smelly.

Worse: heat and cold, lying down at night, sweating.

4. MERC-COR: Similar to Merc-sol above, just faster acting and more intense, more painful, more burning.

Purple gums, swollen and spongy, bleeding easily. Tongue inflamed and swollen.

Worse: pressure.

5. NITRIC-ACID: This is one of the coldest remedies in our Materia Medicas similar to Hepar-sulph. The trigger for their loose teeth may be anger towards those who have offended them. Urine and breath have a strong smell likened to horse urine!

Gums become soft and spongy and teeth become loose. Mouth ulcers with splinter-like pain. Teeth can be yellow and feel spongy too.

Worse: cold, night, touch, milk, fatty food

Better: mild weather, warmth

6. ZINCUM: People needing Zincum are restless and fidgety, and cannot stop their legs from constantly moving.

Teeth are loose, and there is tooth grinding. There may be a history of difficult dentition. The pain in teeth is described as jerking and tearing. Gums bleed easily and there is a bitter taste in mouth.

Worse: Exhaustion (mental or physical), noise, touch, after eating

Better: Free discharges, motion, warmth.

I hope you have found this article useful. if you know someone else who might benefit from reading it, please do share it with them. Thank you for reading it.

If you are considering whether homeopathy is worth exploring for yourself or your family just now, feel free to schedule a free introductory call with me to see how I work and to ask questions:

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