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Teeth Grinding & Worms/Parasites

Teeth grinding/bruxism is an issue that can have a detrimental effect on teeth, especially in children. Grinding can lead to erosion of enamel which will then predispose to cavities and decay or cracking and breaking of teeth.

The cause of teeth grinding can vary and includes sleep disorders, anxiety, stress, trauma, abnormal alignment of teeth, heredity and even parasites.

I have already written a blog on one of my cases of teeth grinding which was treated with a constitutional remedy. In this case, the cause was anxiety and stress which led to nocturnal grinding and the issue resolved beautifully with a remedy that matched the person.

Today, I thought I would look at those remedies in my Repertory (index of symptoms) which shared both teeth grinding and parasites. I have not broken down this selection by type of parasite. Remember, these are not the only possible remedies that might help.


CINA: The first remedy, unsurprisingly, is Cina, a well know remedy for worms and intestinal irritation in children.

Their sleep is disturbed with night terrors, or talking in sleep. Of course, there is grinding of teeth.

In the mental picture, we see a cross and irritable child that is very contrary. Worse for touch and being carried, though perversely, they want to b rocked.

Itchy nose and itchy anus. The nose is so itchy that the finger is constantly boring into the nose.

They get hungry very soon after a big meal or have a great craving for sweets. There may be pain around the navel.

SANTONIN: This remedy is very similar to Cina and is derived from the same plant – Artemisia Cina - from the Compositae family.

It shares the Cina symptoms of gastro-intestinal irritation, itchy nose, restless sleep and teeth grinding. There will be abdominal discomfort, and the tongue will be a deep red.

However, there is more emphasis on urinary tract issues such as incontinence and fullness of bladder.

SPIGELIA: This remedy has stabbing pains and is very sensitive to touch. Fear of sharp, pointed objects.

The navel is the most painful part.

There is itchy anus with a crawling sensation, with an ineffectual urge for stool with worms.

Worse: touch, noise, motion


ARSENICUM: This is a polychrest remedy which means it is a remedy with a big picture.

Burning pains characterise this remedy with restlessness and fear and anguish. This remedy would be prescribed on the basis of the big picture of how the person is in themselves, and how they react to their situation i.e. fearful of worms and how that will affect their health.

Lips and mouth are dry and burning. The teeth might feel very long and sore. Grinding teeth during sleep.

Great sensitivity to the cold.

Worse: after midnight, cold

IGNATIA: This is well known remedy for grief and bereavement, and this may well be the trigger factor that brings about grinding of teeth in association with a worm infestation.

Ignatia is characterised by changeable moods, silent brooding and suppression of emotions; be it grief, anger or shock. Prone to sighing and yawning.

Worse: coffee, tobacco, open air.

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