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  • Anjum Rahmatulla

Sugar and Chocolate and all things nice....


This week was the end of the month of Ramadan ending in the celebration of Eid.

It got me thinking of sweets because lots of sweet things are consumed on Eid. That made me remember one of my earliest clients, a little boy, 7 years old, who was brought to me by his mother. She was very concerned about his teeth and his behaviour.

A tiny piece of chocolate would turn this boy from a polite and well mannered child to hitting and kicking people, shouting and not knowing the difference between right and wrong. “ It was not the normal over excitedness” she insisted, “he loses the ability to be rational”.

Mum was also worried about his consumption of sugar and how it might affect his teeth which were beginning to discolour.

In homeopathy, when we want to address a body-mind imbalance, we look at the person in their entirety: their health history, family history, personality, sleep, food and weather preferences. On the basis of the principle of ‘Like Treats Like’, a matching remedy needs to be found to stimulate a healing response which will lead to a shift in the person’s level of health.

I wish I could remember which remedy was given to this child – unfortunately I don’t have his notes any more. But I do remember this:

Two weeks after taking the indicated remedy, Mum rang me to say that on the first day after taking his remedy, her son became hyper and was as ‘high as a kite’. Subsequently, after the next few weeks, his behaviour improved significantly on the occasions when he had chocolate. His cravings for sugar decreased, and the discolouration on the teeth seemed to be fading.

That was a reassuring and healthy response to the remedy. Both the physical and mental aspects of this child had been significantly changed. That is what we look for in a remedy reaction.

I don’t think they returned to see me. All I remember is his mother being thrilled that she could see a significant change in her son’s behaviour pattern, his craving for sweets and chocolates and less discolouration in his teeth. A more balanced child overall.

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