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Homeopathic Help for Tonsillitis: 8 Favourite remedies!

Tonsils are an important part of our immune system. They provide a defence against bacteria and viruses entering when we breathe through our nose or mouth. They are 2 pads of tissue on either side of the throat. And unfortunately, some people are very prone to tonsillitis, where the tonsils get inflamed and sore. The symptoms of tonsillitis are listed below. And most people will have some common symptoms eg fever, pain, swollen glands. Common symptoms are shared by many remedies. For a homeopathic prescription, it is always best to try and find symptoms that are UNCOMMON, even if it is only one symptom. This helps in pinpointing one remedy.

REMEMBER: these are a few of my favourite remedies for sore throats and tonsillitis. There are many more that might be indicated depending on the symptoms experienced by the patient.


Common Symptoms:

-The throat can be swollen, red and there can be difficulty swallowing. Very painful.

- Fever which could be high.

- Headache

- Earache

- Fatigue

Other symptoms can include:

- Swollen painful neck glands.

- White pus filled spots on tonsils



The throat is swollen and ulcerated. Sensation of a plug/splinter/ fishbone in throat. Tonsils are swollen, and the pains radiate to the ear on swallowing.

Worse: cold in any form, being uncovered, touch

Better: heat, warmth of bed, being wrapped up


The throat is dry and dark red, and the tonsils are painful and swollen especially on the right. Throat feels hot and narrow. Pain at the root of the tongue. Cannot swallow anything hot. Shooting pain in both ears on swallowing.

Worse: Hot food/drinks, sticking out tongue

Better: Cold drinks


Belladonna can be used in the first 24-36 hours of a sore throat or fever coming on. The onset is FAST and SUDDEN and could be precipitated by wet hair or a cold wind. There will be a fever with radiating heat and a red, burning face. Pains are shooting and throbbing, and the patient will be in turmoil and angry.

The throat feels raw and constricted and is worse on the right side. The tonsils are enlarged. And the neck is tender to touch. Throat pain can radiate to right ear. Spasms in throat.

Worse: touch, noise, swallowing, right side, 3pm

Better: semi-erect in bed


Symptoms start on the left and may move to the right.

The throat is dry, swollen. The tonsils are a purplish colour. The mucous is sticky and hard to bring up. Quinsy.

Worse: After sleep, heat, morning on waking, tight clothing, pressure

Better: Discharges, warm applications


Catches colds easily and great sensitivity to the cold.

The throat is raw, hoarse, and inflamed. Pains are burning, smarting, stinging and there is a foul taste in the mouth. The tonsils suppurate easily ie become full of pus. Increased salivation. Can only swallow liquids.

Worse: night, swallowing saliva or food

Better: warmth


This is a small remedy but it has an affinity to ears and throat. The keynote is whiteness – in discharges and in the mouth/throat and tongue.

The tonsils are swollen and very enlarged – so much so that breathing is difficult. The throat and tonsils have gray/white patches. This may be accompanied by catarrh in the eustachian tubes leading to deafness.

Worse: rich foods, fats, motion


All discharges are smelly, eg breath, catarrh, sweat etc. The Merc patient sweats profusely, has profuse saliva. They are not comfortable in either heat or cold. They might have a bitter, metallic taste in their mouth.

The tonsils are swollen, can be bluish-red. Quinsy with swallowing very difficult. Ulceration of tonsils. Right side affected more. The pain can be burning, smarting, raw and shoot to the neck and ears on swallowing.

Worse: right side, night, in bed if hot, for swallowing, perspiration

Better: moderate temperature.


Symptoms typically start on the right and can move to the left. Children can be stubborn and irritable. Discharges are sour smelling and yellow.

The throat will be dry with no thirst. Tonsils are swollen and can suppurate (have pus). Constant desire to swallow.

Worse: cold drinks, right side, night

Better: warm drinks, food

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