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  • Anjum Rahmatulla

Just had a baby? Been nursing a while? Has it affected your teeth?

Updated: May 25, 2023

I have come across many people who have mentioned how pregnancy and breast feeding have taken a toll on their dental health.

So I thought I would see if there were any remedies that might help. I also looked at tissue/cell salts which could be taken on a regular basis to build teeth strength.

First, let's look at homeopathic remedies.

In the rubric Loss of fluids, my repertory (book of symptoms) mentions 100 remedies! I won’t give you all 100, but here are two that will have it as a big part of their picture.

REMEDIES in a C potency

The key to remedy selection is to look at the biggest picture possible, so NOT prescribing on one symptom only, but including modalities (what makes the symptom better/worse and what makes you feel better /worse), other changes eg in thirst, appetite, sleep, mood.

China Officinalis

- A keynote of China is Debility from loss of vital fluids. This could be blood, diarrhoea, perspiration or excessive lactation. …”for systems, once robust, which have become debilitated, ‘broken down’ from exhausting discharges.” (Allen’s Keynotes)

- Black or brown discolouration of teeth.

- Toothache when infant sucks the breast. Better: pressing teeth firmly together, by warmth.

Look out for: Exhaustion, trembling, aversion to exercise, sensitivity to noise and touch, entire nervous system highly sensitive.


- Great debility with this remedy too, associated with sluggishness. If persons have not fully recovered from the exhausting effects of a previous illness. Prone to fainting fits. Coldness with constant desire to be fanned.

- Air hunger is very pronounced with this remedy.

- Looseness of teeth and easily bleeding gums, especially when brushing.

- Pain while eating hot or cold things.

- Black gums.

- Gums detached from teeth.

Look out for: Profuse and constant salivation of stringy saliva, bitter taste in mouth.


All acid remedies are useful for debility and exhaustion. But in Phos-ac, in particular, the debility is very marked. The bones can be affected as can the sensory nerves. The trigger will include breast-feeding, shock, bad news, separation from home.

- Bleeding gums

- Caries

- Teeth feel cold.

- Teeth become yellow and feel dull.

- Red streak in middle of tongue.

- Dry mouth, tongue and palate with no thirst.

Look out for: a taste of rotten eggs in the mouth and painless swelling of glands

CELL SALTS in an x potency

There is no cell salt that is related specifically to loss of fluids/pregnancy as a potential cause of poor teeth. But these are the concerns coming up again and again:

‘Weak teeth, cavities, sensitive teeth, receding gums, demineralised teeth and damaged teeth’:

The key to tissue/cell salt selection is to isolate the symptom and treat that.


- teeth loose in their sockets,

- rough or brittle enamel

- rapid decay because of deficient enamel (alternate with Calc-phos)

- sensitivity to cold


-soft teeth, cavities

-gums inflamed and painful

-crumbling teeth

-pale gums


-abscesses, gum-boils


-tooth-ache due to inflammation, relieved by cold water

-hot, swollen, inflamed gums


-hardens dental enamel along with Calc-fluor and Calc-phos

-tooth-ache relieved by heat

-sharp, shooting, spasmodic pain

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you find it useful.

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