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Teething can be easy or difficult – every child is different. Similarly teething can be on the slow side.

Are your child’s teeth prone to being slow to come through?

Some babies are born with teeth, others get them early around 3-4 months, some later than one year. The average age for teeth coming through appears to be about 6 months.

Homeopathy can help slow teethers and encourage those teeth lurking in the gums to make an appearance.

However, the choice of a specific remedy will depend on factors IN ADDITION to the observation that teeth are slow to erupt.

Here are some remedies to consider:


Those children needing Calc-carb are likely to be: chubby with big heads, with late closure of fontanelles, on the slower side of reaching milestones eg, walking, talking, perspire easily and profusely with a sour smell and have a tendency to constipation.

Cautious and careful. Stubbornness is a characteristic feature as is a love of eggs.

Worse: at full moon, cold, exertion


A similar picture to Calc-carb as they have a lot in common. However, Calc-phos is more active and likes to move around a lot. Prone to boredom. Slow development of bones in general with non union of fractures. Prone to dental decay. Easy vomiting. Can put on height quickly

Craving for strong flavours

Worse: damp, cold


This remedy is prone to recurrent pus associated infections eg boils and abscesses. Also similar to Calc-carb with a large head, open fontanelles, slow in walking and very stubborn. Fear of pins/sharp objects. Prone to sweaty, smelly feet. Teething is associated with diarrhoea.

Worse: new moon, lying on left side, cold


Slow dentition of permanent teeth. Grinding of teeth during teething. Enlarged tonsils and a strong tendency to chest infections, coughs and colds which runs in the family.

Mischievous, bored easily, constantly on the move, restless. Craves cold milk. Fear of dogs.

Worse: morning on waking,


This remedy is characterised by digestive disturbances and sour smelling children. They crave meat.

There may be a history of family breakdown which can make them peacemakers. Children tend to be of an irritable and nervous disposition.

Worse: every 3 weeks, night, milk


This is a remedy that predominantly affects the glands causing inflammation and swelling. The breath will be smelly.

With teething, it will be painful and you will see children wanting to bite their teeth or gums together or bite on something hard. The tongue will be indented or mapped or fissured. Clenching teeth with chin drawn to the breastbone.

Worse: damp

For information on Potency and Dosage, look here:

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