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What is a receding gum? It is when the gum pulls away from the tooth/teeth and leaves the root exposed. It is like the gums are being pushed back and exposing areas that you did not see before.

Gum recession can be symptomless or it can be associated with tooth sensitivity, infection and pain.

My reading suggests that gum recession/retraction is not necessarily linked to getting older. Trauma to gum tissue eg. violent over brushing over a long period of time is a potential factor, along with poor oral hygiene which leads to accumulation of plaque and accumulation of tartar which can happen with big gaps in seeing a dental hygienist.

Hormonal changes can also be a trigger along with poor overall health. In the old days, gum recession was a symptom associated with scurvy, or not enough Vit C in the diet. Are you getting a varied diet rich in vitamins and minerals?

Gum disease does not exist in a vacuum on it’s own. The gums and teeth are an important part of our body and are a reflection of our overall health. As such, it makes sense to look at the bigger picture of overall health and the start and progress of gum dis-ease in that context.

There are about 55 remedies in my repertory for teeth detached from gums. I have selected the main ones that I think can be useful. The following remedies have receding gums in their picture. However, they need to be matched to the person in the broadest sense.

A remedy is NEVER prescribed on the basis of one symptom only.



A person needing Carbo-veg will have almost certainly had a recent acute illness from which they will be recovering. Or they will not have fully recovered from a previous illness. They will feel sluggish, get tired easily and are weak and exhausted.

Prone to gum disease.

Gums bleed easily when brushing. Gums retracted (from incisors) and bleed easily. Teeth very sensitive to chewing food.

Mouth ulcers, bluish/blackish.

Tongue with a white/yellow-brown coating, covered with ulcers.

Taste in mouth can be bitter. Breath can smell.

Profuse salivation of stringy saliva

Worse: loss of vital fluids, exertion, rich/fatty foods, wine, evening/night

Better: being fanned, fresh air, burping


This remedy has an affinity with the lymphatic system so the glands, mucous membranes and bones can be affected. Prone to recurring abscesses, swollen glands and mouth ulcers. Increased salivation is a keynote for this remedy along with a burning, intense thirst.

Restlessness and smelliness of discharges are a common thread running through most complaints.

The mouth can have a sweetish metallic taste and will feel very moist. Mouth ulcers are common.

The teeth will feel elongated, tender and loose.

The tongue will feel thick and flabby, look dirty yellow and the breath will smell. The mucous membranes of the mouth can look bluish-red and feel spongy.

Spongy, receding gums which bleed easily.

The person needing Merc will be very thirsty.

Worse: night, sweating, heat and cold, lying on the right side.

Better: rest, moderate temperature

Cistus canadensis

A remedy with an affinity to glands of the nose/throat, neck and breasts. There is a great sensitivity to the cold and to cold inhaled air. The more they sweat, the colder they feel.

Swollen, receding gums, which bleed easily. Caries of the lower jaw.

Mouth, tongue and saliva feel cold and putrid. Dryness of tongue and palate.

Tongue is raw and sore and feels cold on inhalation. It hurts to protrude the tongue.

Worse: slightest exposure to cold, mental exertion, touch, excitement

Better: eating, expectoration


This is a remedy characterised by exhaustion, nervous dread and depression. They dread meeting and talking to people. The cause is overwork, worry and excitement. They are nervous, start easily and can be irritable.

The mouth will be VERY dry, tongue coated brown-yellow, and the breath is offensive.

Gums are spongy and receding. Tooth ache with easily bleeding gums. The gums have a bright red seam on them.

Worse: worry, physical exertion, excitement, cold, eating

Better: sleep, warmth, rest


This remedy is also characterised by debility and exhaustion brought on by rapid growth, acute disease, grief, loss of vital fluids, mental shock.

Causation can include: overstudy, overlifting, injuries, operations, homesickness, disappointed love.

Gums are bleeding and retract from the teeth. The teeth have a yellow discolouration and feel cold.

Tongue has a red streak in the middle.

Mouth has the taste of rotten eggs. The whole mouth, tongue and palate are dry with NO thirst. Sticky frothy mucous. Lips are cracked and dry.

Craving for juicy things.

Worse: loss of fluids, emotions, grief, cold, exertion, being talked to.

Better: warmth


Irritability and a thickly coated white tongue are very characteristic of this remedy. All conditions are affected by both heat and cold bathing.

Another feature is the absence of pain where you would expect it. Being touched and looked at is a trigger for the irritability and very cross feeling.

Dry lips and cracks in the corner of the mouth.

Saliva tastes salty.

The tongue is coated thick and white. Bitter taste in mouth.

Toothache which is greatly aggravated by touch, after eating and cold water.

Gums are detached from the teeth and bleed easily.

Grinding of teeth.

Worse: cold bathing, cold water, summer heat, overeating

Better: rest, open air, warm bath

I hope you have found this blog useful. Thank you for reading it.

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