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  • Anjum Rahmatulla

Success with Sinusitis

My client had been suffering from chronic sinusitis for 18 months when she came to see me. I had last seen her some 3-4 years ago for a chest infection which resolved quickly with the remedy given.

I took her case in detail. In addition to the sinusitis, the other major health issue she had was a womb infection since September 2020 (2 years ago) for which she had been prescribed antibiotics 17 times!! It had been diagnosed as a Staphylococcus Aureus infection. She was suffering from a lot of pain with this plus the chronic sinus infection.

Her sinus symptoms included blocked nasal passages, scabs in the nose, pus in nose, nose painful to touch, a constant clear, runny discharge from nose, pain across the bridge of the nose, headache and tinnitus.

She is a strong, athletic woman who loves climbing and hiking in the Scottish hills, and in the past 2 years her health had become ‘life altering’. She had withdrawn from all physical activities, did not go running any more, ‘no get up and go’, and was completely fatigued.

The remedy given to her was Acalypha Indica, a small remedy not well known for sinus issues or recurrent infections. It is a plant remedy from the Euphorbaciea family. The Sensation Method enabled me to find this remedy which suited her experience of symptoms at a deep level.

When I assessed her health at her follow-up 5 weeks after she had this remedy – a single dose only, her sinuses had improved by 75%. The pain in her nose had gone. The crustiness had not completely gone, but felt a lot better, and the headache and tinnitus had gone for 3 weeks before returning at a lower level. So the issues had not disappeared completely – yet.

The most amazing thing was the disappearance of the abdominal pain that had plagued her for 18 months plus.

"I am much happier, I feel like the old me… I had forgotten what it was like".

Acalypha was also the remedy I gave her the first time she saw me a few years ago for a different problem. I repeated the remedy because the deeper elements and patterns of her health were the same as the first time. The remedy resonated with her experience of her core symptoms.

The work with her is still ongoing. But I am pleased to say that in 5 weeks there has been tremendous progress. It is not the case with everyone – I wish I could say that!! Sometimes it takes longer to get to the root of the issues troubling someone. But with perseverance – I never give up – and time, a lot can be achieved.

If sinusitis bothers you, consider trying homeopathy to help treat it naturally.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog. Thank you.

And if you know anyone who might benefit from reading this, please do pass it on.

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