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  • Anjum Rahmatulla

Pregnancy and Teeth

I have already written about how breastfeeding can impact on dental health, (

But this time I am writing about how pregnancy can impact on dental health. There are many women who find that their teeth deteriorate significantly during pregnancy.

There are several remedies that come up in the repertories (index of symptoms) where pregnancy can affect teeth negatively. I have chosen to write about 5 remedies, but of course, there are others that could be indicated.

I have written a small sketch for the remedies below. If you want to use them, please remember to see your teeth issues in the broader context of the keynotes of any remedy and the mental/emotional side too. The remedy choice is for the person.

For constitutional support/treatment, it is advised you seek professional help.


This remedy is best known for ailments from loss of vital fluids such as a haemorrhage, severe diarrhoea, profuse runny nose and even breastfeeding, OR after prolonged overwork/strain either mentally or physically. The patient becomes very weak and over sensitive. They can be touchy and irritable.

Teeth: Toothache better for pressing teeth firmly together. Toothache when infant is suckling, with sweat.

Taste in mouth is bitter or salty, and the tongue is coated dirty and thick.

Worse: night, after eating, touch, bending over

Better: hard pressure, warmth, open air


There is very rapid decay of teeth with this remedy. Black spots on teeth.

Gums are spongy and bleeding. Teeth crumble.

Intolerable toothache during pregnancy. Salivation or mouth ulcers during pregnancy.

Bitter taste in mouth with a putrid smell.

All discharges are burning, excoriating and offensive.

Worse: Pregnancy, 6pm-6am, cold

Better: Warmth, hot food


Gums are spongy, bleed easily and are prone to recession. Gum boils.

Teeth feel elongated and loose. Decay in crown of teeth. Teeth hollow and black. Painful chewing.

There will be excess salivation, moist mouth, and great thirst. Tongue is heavy, thick, flabby and teeth-indented. Metallic taste. Unpleasant , fetid smell from mouth.

Worse: night, wet damp weather, perspiration, heat and cold.

Better: rest, moderate temperature


This is a big constitutional remedy, so the picture of a person needing it will be: a driven personality, with overworking being the norm. A person who works hard and plays hard and loves spicy, rich food, coffee and wine. There is a tendency towards irritability and over sensitivity and this can manifest in the digestive system which becomes disturbed. A keynote of Nux-vomica is ineffectual urges to pass stool, with very little passed each time as well as feeling the cold.

There are small aphthous ulcers in the mouth with bloody saliva. The first half of the tongue is clean, the back half is covered by a deep fur with the edges cracked, white and yellow.

Gums are white, swollen and bleeding.

Teeth ache, aggravated by cold food/drink.

Worse: early morning, cold air, after eating

Better: rest, nap, strong pressure.



Sepia, too, is a very big constitutional remedy with an affinity for hormonal and pelvic disorders. One keynote is ‘stasis’, and another is a ‘bearing down’ sensation with the feeling that everything will fall through the vulva. There is a strong desire for exertion ie dancing, running, jogging, which helps them to feel better. Otherwise, they feel grumpy with the family and run off their feet.

Teeth are painful during pregnancy, in the evening from 6pm to midnight. Worse lying down.

Mouth has salty, bitter taste.

Worse: pregnancy, morning and evening, sex

Better: exercise, pressure.


For dosing, have a look here


If demineralisation is the issue, then tissue/cell salts can be beneficial to build teeth strength.

The 2 tissue salts that excel at this job are Calc-fluor and Calc-phos. You will need to take the recommended dose, but it is best to build up slowly to the maximum in the instructions on the bottle.


This helps with rough, thin, brittle enamel. This enables the tooth/teeth to build enamel where it is deficient thereby preventing more decay, preventing holes and remineralising the teeth.


This is the principal cell salt for building bone structure and nutrition in teeth. Thus, it is especially important for children where it can and does help with difficult dentition eg all teething disorders. It can also help with strengthening the gums which are inflamed or painful or pale.

Always take a break from taking cell salts. The recommendation is to take them 5 days on and take the weekend off OR 3 weeks on and take the 4th week off.

Always contact your GP/NHS24/health provider if you are concerned about your pregnancy and have any worrying symptoms.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you have found it useful.

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