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  • Anjum Rahmatulla

The Oyster Shell coming to the rescue!

A young girl of 14 was brought to me for very heavy and very long lasting periods. They had started at age 10 and always been irregular.

She complained of pain in the ribs, back and lower abdomen, which at it’s worst would stop her from going to school. A scan showed a cyst on the left ovary, but despite shrinking over time, the pain in the ribs and abdomen still persisted. No two doctors could agree on the cause of this pain. She was on the Pill, but decided to stop it.

Her mother said that during the pregnancy, she almost lost her daughter twice, but the baby hung on, showing determination. She was a lovely healthy baby who fed well.

Features of interest in this case:

The girl was bedwetting till the age of 12. In primary school, she was the youngest in the class, worried about everything and felt a lot of pressure.

Sleep: A light sleeper and would get awakened by noise from the road, which frightened her.

Fears: Of being burgled, of being on her own at night and in the dark, of heights and spiders.

Weather: She did not like excessive heat. Her feet were always cold, and she used to perspire a lot when younger.

Food/Drink: Very thirsty, fond of icecream, and liked to comfort eat.

Tendency to put on weight.

Personality: Shy but confident. Very sensitive to what others said of her and to being told off. A very hard worker who got bullied at school.

REMEDY CHOSEN: Calcarea-carbonica (Calc-carb) was chosen for her. This remedy is made from the middle layer of the oyster shell. The main theme, according to Frans Vermeulen, is “protecting the individual physical and mental structure against external and internal influences leading to disorder”.

Her chunky build and chalky complexion, her many fears, cold feet at night, avoiding the limelight, shy but determined, tendency to gain weight all pointed to this remedy.


This is a major polycrest. It can be used for many physical or mental issues as long as the essence of the case reflects the essence of this remedy. Some homeopaths will use repertorisation to arrive at a remedy choice. Others might use the Sensation Method or use the keynotes of a remedy. All are spokes of a wheel that lead to the centre.

AFTER THE REMEDY: The remedy worked very fast and her cycle returned to what she regarded as normal. The pain in the back cleared up completely.

A YEAR LATER: She returned to see me a year later as her cycle had started to change again, but this time her periods were much shorter with long gaps – the opposite of when she came to see me originally. She was feeling very lonely as her sister had gone to university, and her weight was going up. She was having bad dreams of being left behind by the family and had issues with trusting friends. She was also feeling tired the whole time.

THE REMEDY? I stayed with Calc-carb as she had done so well on it the first time. She did not need to see me again!

I hope you enjoyed reading about how one remedy was used to help with hormonal issues in a teenager. If you know anyone who might benefit from reading this article, please feel free to share it.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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