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  • Anjum Rahmatulla

Top 5 Remedies for a Rattling Cough

Coughs are SO annoying aren’t they? Annoying for the person who gets the cough and super annoying for those who live and/or work with the cougher!

And everyone gets a different cough!! Even in the same family.

Because coughs are so varied, we have MANY remedies that can be used and that means differentiating remedies. So fear not! Coughs can be helped and resolved.

This blog is about rattling coughs.

The cause could be pneumonia, bronchitis or bronchiolitis, a lung or chest infection. It may be viral or bacterial in origin.

Whatever the cause, homeopathy can help. We have many remedies that can be used for the different types of coughs, but I am going to focus just on rattling coughs here.

So here is my choice of the top 5 remedies.


This is probably the best known remedy for a rattling cough. Ant-tart has an affinity for chesty and respiratory problems and is known for rattling of mucous with little expectoration. All complaints will be accompanied by sleepiness and sweatiness.

Cough is loud, rattling, whooping. The throat may be hoarse. The chest will have a burning sensation. Ineffective retching.

Breathing can be difficult, with shallow breaths, feeling suffocated, and needing to sit up.

Worse: lying down, dairy, sour food/drink

Better: sitting upright.


The cough is constant, hacking, rattling. The mucous is scanty and difficult to cough up and is swallowed. There can be pain in the chest with hoarseness and rawness. The cough is eased by sips of water but only temporarily.

Cause: exposure to cold, dry weather, grief

Worse: drafts, cold, fresh air, evening

Better: damp wet weather, warmth


This remedy is known for thick, profuse, yellow discharges and aggravation from warmth, very similar to Pulsatilla.

The cough is rattling and whooping with very difficult expectoration which has to get swallowed. If it comes up it will be yellow coloured.

Cause: change of weather from cold to warm eg in springtime.

Worse: evening, heated/stuffy room

Better: cool, open air


The principal feature of Ipecac is persistent nausea and vomiting. You should find this running through any cough that might need Ipecac.

The chest feels full of phlegm with a feeling of bubbles in the chest. The chest also feels constricted. Gasping for air.

The cough is rattling and loose and can feel suffocative with the face turning blue. The nausea can lead to gagging and vomiting. Nose bleeds can occur as can coughing up blood.

Worse: motion, cold air, lying down, deep inspiration.

Better: open air, warmth, rest.


This is for complaints that come on slowly over several days.

Short dry rattling cough with irritation of the throat ending in gagging. There is a need to inhale deeply. The cough becomes violent and furious with a lot of mucous accompanied by involuntary urination due to force of the cough.

Expectoration is profuse, salty, slimy.

Sneezing with coughing.

Worse: cold drinks, taking a deep breath, exertion, morning and evening

Better: rest, sitting up, expectoration.

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you found it useful.

If you are considering whether homeopathy is worth exploring for yourself or your family just now, feel free to schedule a free introductory call with me to see how I work and to ask questions:

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