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  • Anjum Rahmatulla

Can HOMESICKNESS be a cause of falling ill or getting an infection? 4 Favourite Remedies.

Why would being homesick have anything to do with infections???

In homeopathy we recognise there can be many causes for getting ill, not just external threats such as a virus or bacteria.

The most important factor in getting ill is whether there is a congenial soil that can be used by viruses/bacterias for them to make a home and multiply. If our immune system is strong, then the soil is not congenial to providing such a home. If however our immune system is weak, then infection can take a hold in the congenial soil.

One of the ways our immune system can get weaker is with mental or emotional trauma. Grief, bereavement and shock are a few things I will mention that affect our mental AND physical health. The two are very strongly interconnected. When you are homesick, that too affects your mental health and therefore your physical health too. Not everyone who is homesick gets ill of course. But for some people, feeling intensely homesick can be a trigger for getting ill.

Here are a few remedies to consider and study if an event that triggered homesickness was followed by a UTI or respiratory infection or ear/nose/ throat infection. If the symptoms fit, any one remedy can be used for any of the above.


Tonsillitis: When someone needing Ignatia is very homesick, they can develop tonsillitis. They will feel a lump in the throat, the tonsils will be inflamed and swollen with possible ulceration. They will feel a choking sensation and the pain will be better for swallowing.

UTIs: They could also develop a urinary infection with burning and smarting in the urethra when passing urine.

Cough: Ignatia can also be used for a cough if homesickness is considered as the trigger. The throat will feel constantly tickled and the cough will be dry and spasmodic. The contradictory nature of Ignatia is exemplified by the cough feeling worse the more the patient coughs. It can be useful for whooping cough and croup if the symptoms fit.

Worse for: emotions, grief, bereavement, coffee,

Better for: swallowing, eating, heat.


The source of this remedy is cayenne pepper, so not surprisingly, the pains will be burning and smarting, whatever the complaint. Ear infections, UTIs, painful coughs, tonsillitis, laryngitis will respond to this lesser known remedy if the symptoms fit and especially if homesickness is the trigger.

Ear Infections: the ears will be burning and stinging, with inflammation of the Eustachian Tube. This might be associated with a perforated ear drum and discharge of yellow pus.

UTIs: Burning, biting and smarting before, during and after urination.

Cough: Dry, hacking, explosive cough with shortness of breath. Offensive breath is expelled only with the explosive cough. Painful throat when coughing.

Tonsillitis: The throat feels dry and constricted with a need to swallow. Hot, pungent air comes up from the throat when coughing. Intense soreness of throat with burning, smarting pain.

Worse for: drafts, cold air, empty swallowing, drinking

Better for: heat, eating.


This is a great remedy for debility – physical weakness as a result of illness. So it comes into it’s own for the recovery period after any acute illness, infectious or otherwise, triggered by a strong sense of feeling homesick or grief.

Cough: Dry, tickly, violent

Worse for: emotions, disappointed love, sweating

Better for: warmth, after sleep


This remedy features loss of smell and taste with a cold where nostrils could be ulcerated. There is a tendency to take colds with difficulty lying down at night as the nose is congested and breathing is only possible through the mouth. Homesickness is a trigger for getting ill.

Cough: spasmodic and dry with a sore, burning chest.

Throat: dry, hoarse and raw.

Nose: Increased secretion of mucous, sneezing with a watery discharge.

Worse for: lying on right side, night, after eating

Better for: pressure, motion, open air

There are other remedies that also have homesickness as an aetiology. The remedies I have chosen are just my selection.

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