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Do Cold Sores ruin your life?

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

A cold sore, also called a fever blister, is caused by the Herpes Simplex virus. Cold sores start with a tingling, itching or burning sensation. It is quite common for people to develop little fluid filled blisters usually on and around the lip area. Cold sores can also be found at the base of the nose and other areas of the face eg cheeks and chin. After the blisters break, scabs are formed around them, and theses scabs can last from a few days upto a few weeks. We have over 200 remedies that can help with cold sores. In this blog, I will concentrate on some acute remedies that can help with acute manifestations of cold sores.

Bear in mind, cold sores can very often be recurrent. They are a reflection that your body/mind is not strong enough to repel the virus. After the first infection, the virus stays in the body, and when your defences are low, can lead to a break out. If your immune system is weak, if you are stressed, then the chances of you getting a cold sore are higher than otherwise. To build a strong immune system should be your goal.

For recurrent cold sores, please consider constitutional work with a professional homeopath. A homeopath will work out a number of potential remedies that can help to raise your level of health over time. There is no magic bullet! It is a case of one remedy at a time and matching your symptoms to that of a similar remedy. In my experience, recurrent cold sores can disappear for long periods of time with a closely matched remedy. The key is building and maintaining a strong immune system.

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Here are some acute remedies that can help with acute symptoms of inflammation, eruptions, and pain:

Arsenicum, Nat-mur, Rhus-tox, Mercurius, Ranunculus Bulbosa, Calc-sulph, Bovista and Sulphur. This is by no means an exhaustive list. But I hope you will find it helpful if you are a cold sore sufferer.


This remedy is associated with BURNING pains. The cold sore will burn.

The eruption will be dry, rough and scaly. It will be itchy and the discharge will be offensive. Lips, black, swollen, cracked.

Worse for: cold of any kind, around and after midnight

Better for: heat, hot drinks lying with head elevated.


The blisters are found at the edge of the lips around the mouth and can be pearly white….like pearls on lips! The lips and corners of the mouth are dry and cracked. The lips can feel numb and tingly. You might see a deep crack in the middle of the upper or lower lip.

Worse for: heat, the sun, 9-11am, violent emotions

Better for: open air, cold bathing


Rhus-tox is characterised by restlessness. The blisters are found around the mouth and chin, and the corners of the mouth are ulcerated. Pains are tearing, shooting, stitching. Lips dry, brown and crusty. The eruptions are red, swollen, and intensely itchy. The itching is better for hot water.

Worse for: any exposure to cold, rest, cold fresh air, after midnight

Better for: heat, continued motion.


Those needing this remedy will have excess saliva from the mouth and the skin will be moist too. Free perspiration. Dry skin indicates that Mercurius is not the right remedy. There is a sweet, metallic taste in the mouth and a bad odour coming from it. Lips are dry and cracked and burn when touched. The lips can be bluish red and spongy. There will be ulceration ie the skin will break with or without bleeding. The blisters will be itchy, and at the scab stage, will form yellow-brown crusts with pus. The glands in the neck can be swollen.

Worse for: night time, lying on right side, sweating, when heated.

Better for: moderate temperature, rest


This is a left sided remedy where the nerves are affected. The pains are shooting, stabbing, burning and biting. There can be deep ulcers and the skin can feel hard and horny. The herpes is intensely itchy.

Worse for: cold open air, alcohol, motion, wet stormy weather.

Better for: warmth, rest, standing


There is lots of pus in this remedy, with discharges that are yellow, bloody, thick and lumpy. It is best to take Calc-sulph after the blister has broken and is discharging. Pimples and pustules on face. The scabs are yellowish too. The tongue is coated yellow at the base. Taste is sour.

Worse for: Drafts, cold, heat of room, standing

Better for: Open air, bathing, eating, uncovering


Dry, flaky skin which crusts about the nostrils and corners of the mouth. Lips are chapped and crusty. Cheeks feel swollen and the nose and gums can bleed. Odour from mouth is offensive.

Worse for: before and during menses, hot weather, night, full moon.

Better for: daytime, eating, hot food, bending double.


Sulphur is known as the king of remedies because of it’s depth and range of action. It is particularly known for it’s use in skin affections. The pimply herpetic eruptions are at the corners of the mouth with intense itching, worse at night. There can be crops of boils. The eruptions are dry, burning and itching. When scratched, the eruptions ulcerate, and the discharge has an offensive smell. The discharge is full of pus. The face and lips can be very red and flush easily.

Worse for: washing/bathing, heat, in bed, 11am

Better for: open air, sweating, lying on right side.

For information on potency and dosage, please look here:

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