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  • Anjum Rahmatulla

IMPETIGO - 5 Favourite Remedies

Impetigo is a very common skin infection, starting with sores and blisters and then scabbing over after bursting leaving patches of what looks like corn flakes stuck to the skin! It can be itchy and painful. It is highly contagious however, which is why it spreads between children quite fast. Both children and adults can get impetigo.

Impetigo can look similar to chickenpox, cold sores and even eczema.

There are 2 bacteria that appear to cause impetigo: Staphylococcus aureus OR Streptococcus pyogenes. It can take between 4-10 days for the symptoms to appear. And it is the face and hands that tend to get affected most. The medical route is usually antibiotic creams, but homeopathy can and does help.

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Here are 5 of my favourite remedies you can look at:


The skin will be swollen, itching and burning. Burning is a keynote for Arsenicum, which means that somewhere in the body a burning sensation will be found. The skin will be dry, rough and scaly with pimples or pustules.

The patient will be very restless, not able to stay in one place. They will be full of anxiety about their health. The body may feel icy cold, and they will feel the cold intensely.

Worse for: cold food/drinks, after midnight, exertion

Better for: heat, wrapped up, lying with head elevated


This is a small remedy, but can be very useful for symptoms of shingles and impetigo. There will be pustular eruptions on the scalp and face, around the nose, lips and cheeks. Any discharge will be bloody. Discharges like sweat will be sour smelling, acrid and burning. This remedy is also restless. Symptoms may be associated with indigestion, sick headache or diarrhoea.

Worse for: heat, 2-3am, spring and autumn

Better for: continued motion.

3. NITRICUM ACIDUM (Nitric-acid)

The conjunction of skin with mucous membranes is the seat of action of this remedy. Pain is described as sticking, or as from splinters. All discharges eg sweat, urine are offensive and smelly. Blisters are found in mouth and tongue and bleed easily. The face is dry and cracked with crusty scabs. The eruptions on the face are full of pus and the rest of the face can look raw. Ulceration of the skin.

Worse for: touch, jarring, cold air, night, heat of bed.

Better for: riding in a car, mild warm weather

4. 5. RHUS-TOX

With Rhus-tox, the skin is red and swollen and intensely itchy. The eruptions burn and there is a tendency for scales to form. The skin feels thick, dry, hot and burning with the itch worse on hairy parts. The eruptions are moist with thick scabs on face. The patient may well describe feeling as if the skin is pierced with hot needles. The itch is better for hot water. Rhus-tox is also a very restless remedy, worse at night. Symptoms tend to be more right sided than left.

Worse for: getting wet and cold, overexertion, beginning to move, after midnight.

Better for: heat, continued motion, rubbing, stretching.


The eruptions are thick dry and scabby with violent itching. The itching moves location after scratching and can burn. There is a thick yellow discharge that oozes from under the crusts. The skin does not heal easily.

Worse for: emotions, quarrels, anger, the least touch

Better for: warmth, rest at night, consolation

There are many other remedies that can help with impetigo. As always, you must match the symptoms of the patient to the symptom picture of a remedy to find the best match.



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