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  • Anjum Rahmatulla

The Rough Guide to Acute Prescribing

Here are some simple guidelines to help those of you who are new to acute prescribing in homeopathy. I have tried to focus on what is important. Once you start looking for symptoms, you will begin to gain confidence. You do need to practice though, so don't be scared of trying and getting it wrong! You learn through your mistakes.

1. Collect your symptoms. What this means is, focus on what has changed from normal?

2. Look at the main complaint that is causing distress and observe what has changed in the appearance. Is there a specific side that is affected? Is there any discolouration in the face for example. Is the person sweaty?

3. Look at General symptoms – those changes that affect the whole person: thirst, appetite, temperature (are they hotter or colder than normal?), sleep, energy, stools.

4. Pain: what is the nature of the pain?

5. If there is fever: when does it come on, when does it peak and when does it abate? (without medications). Is the heat radiating?

6. How is the patient feeling mentally and emotionally? Are they sad, irritable, angry, moody, weepy, clingy? Do they want company or not?

7. What makes them feel better AND worse? These are called modalities. You are unlikely to find a good remedy match without using modalities.

All of the above information is important, though you may not find answers to all the questions. It does not matter. Get as much information as possible and work with that.

8. You now need to find a remedy or remedies that share a similar picture to that of the patient. You need a materia medica or an app like Homeopathy At Home to look up the most intense symptoms, the most painful symptoms, or the symptoms that stand out. You need at least 3 symptoms covering 2-7 above so that you have the equivalent of a 3 legged stool. This ensures stability in your prescribing.

I hope this helps you to get started on your homeopathic journey!

Here are some links to free materia medicas online:

For potency and dose, please read my blog:


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