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  • Anjum Rahmatulla

A Pain in the Mouth....ulcers and abscesses

I don’t know anyone who has NOT had a mouth ulcer! They are painful, make eating and drinking difficult, and can even affect the way we speak!

Do you know the difference between an ulcer and an abscess?

An ulcer is an OPEN sore in the mouth which can bleed. It is usually found in the mouth, cheek or lips. It is not contagious. When you accidentally bite the inside of your cheek, burn your mouth with very hot food/drink, or cut the inside of your mouth with your braces/dentures, it is likely to lead to a mouth ulcer.

Canker sores are another type of ulcer, called an aphthous ulcer, and are very similar to mouth ulcers. The difference is not in their appearance but in the cause. The cause of mouth ulcers is trauma, whilst the cause of aphthous ulcers is Aphthous Stomatitis which leads to recurring ulcers.

Aphthous stomatitis can be one or a cluster of small pits or ulcers in the cheeks, gums, the inside of the lips, or on the tongue. It tends to be seen in young people, usually between 10 and 19 years of age.

An abscess is a contained eruption with a cavity that is full of pus. Abscesses can cause fever, swelling and redness.

All are painful!

The remedies I will talk about in this blog can be used for acute help for BOTH mouth ulcers and abscesses. You need to observe what symptoms are being felt and seen. General symptoms are very important eg perspiration, thirst, discharges and what makes the person feel better and worse.

Do you need help in collecting symptoms? Have a read of



This is probably the top remedy for ulcers and abscesses in the mouth. Those needing Mercurius will have a sweetish metallic taste in the mouth. They will also experience profuse salivation, and the mouth will feel moist. They will dribble on their pillow at night. There will be a bad smell coming from the mouth. The tongue feels burnt with ulcers, and will feel thick, yellow, flabby and indented. The mucous membranes of the mouth will be swollen, spongy, inflamed and ulcerated with a bluish-red colour.

Ulcers will be irregular in shape with undefined edges and will be found in the gums, mouth and tongue. Great thirst despite the profuse salivation. The pain will feel stinging and throbbing.

Worse for: night-time, sweating, heat, lying on right side

Better for: morning, moderate temperatures


People needing this remedy will have smelly putrid discharges: urine, sweat, breath. The tongue will be cracked, but clean with a centre furrow. Ulcers will be found on the soft palate and inner lips and cheeks, and the pains will feel splinter-like. The mouth will be very dry with intense burning and bleeding of gums. The sides of the tongue will have painful pimples. The tongue will be sensitive to soft food, making it smart.

Worse for: cold, night, fresh air, touch, jarring, walking

Better for: lying down, riding in a car.


This is a very well known remedy for abscesses, and is best used BEFORE the abscess starts to discharge. It is also one of the chilliest remedies in our Materia Medicas, so the person needing it will feel the cold very intensely.

The gums and mouth are painful to touch and bleed easily. The mouth will be swollen, with ulcers in the soft palate, on the inside of lips and cheeks and tongue. Abscesses occur in the root of teeth. Everything feels very sensitive especially to touch.

Worse from: cold in any form, drafts, winter, touch

Better for: heat, being wrapped up, after eating


Inflamed ulcers on the roof of mouth, tongue and inside of cheek, with great heat and dryness of mouth. White, fungus like growth. Mouth is hot and tender and the ulcers can bleed when touched or with eating. Saliva and mouth can taste bitter. The tongue will be dry and cracked or puffy and indented. It can have painful red blisters.

Worse for: downward or upward motion, sudden noises, cold, wet

Better for: pressure, evening, 11pm

KALI CHLORICUM (different from Kali-mur)

This is a small remedy but can be useful for people who have lots of mercury fillings and get mouth ulcers.

There will be profuse salivation with tough stringy saliva. Inflammation and swelling of the mucous membranes of the mouth with grey looking ulcers. Easy bleeding of ulcers. Discharges are smelly, unpleasant, grey and white. Swollen tongue which feels cold. Sore mouth of nursing babies and nursing mothers as well.

Worse for: cold, mercury fillings, coughing

For information on Potency and Dosage, look here:

The above remedies are for internal consumption. The next remedy is for external use only.


This is a mixture of Hypericum and Calendula, both remedies in their own right. Used together, they have a wonderful capacity for healing wounds. I suggest using Hypercal tincture for mouth ulcers/canker sores/abscesses and sore, spongy gums.

How to use? Put 40 drops of the tincture in 80 ml of water and use it as a mouth wash. Do not swallow this. Swoosh it round your mouth and spit it out. Do this several times during the day. It should help to soothe and heal broken skin. You can use this in addition to taking an internal remedy.


I can offer you a one hour zoom session, one to one, where we can go over how best to collect symptoms, and what to watch out for. I suggest you book yourself in to a free 20 minute call to discuss your needs:


Thankyou for reading my blog. I hope you have found it useful.


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